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Listening to podcasts is a fun and easy way to learn about writing. You can be on the bus, in your car, or walking while listening to a podcast to brush up on your writing skills. Sometimes we don’t have enough time in our day to study desired subjects, and podcasts make it possible to study something while on the move.

There are many ways to download podcasts on your devices. You can either download the podcasts as MP3s or in other formats onto your smartphone (non-smart phones as well), tablet, or computer. You can use applications to download the podcasts or download them from the websites below, if the websites allow you to.

Here are the best podcasts on writing:

  1. The Guardian Books Podcast.
  2. The Dead Robots’ Society.
  3. The Naked Book.
  4. Aural Text.
  5. Writing Excuses.
  6. New Yorker: Fiction.
  7. The Literary Salon.
  8. The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith.
  9. Nerdist Writer’s Panel.
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