In a world teeming with content, what makes a blog stand out? This question often goes unasked in the blogging community, yet it holds the key to success and influence. To explore this, we’ll learn the insights of 15 accomplished bloggers, each sharing their perspective on what makes their blog unique and worth reading.

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Key Takeaways

  • A blog that focuses on simplicity and practicality can be more effective and user-friendly. Avoid overwhelming the reader with too much information or overly complex language.
  • One of the qualities of a successful blog is its ability to break down complex or intimidating subjects into understandable and relatable content.
  • Authenticity is key in blogging. Blogs that reflect genuine passion, honesty, and transparency can forge a stronger connection with the audience.
  • Each blog entry should offer practical value and be crafted with attention to detail.

The Importance of Uniqueness in Blogging

The uniqueness of a blog is its lifeblood in the crowded digital marketplace. It’s what attracts and retains readers, forging a connection that transcends simple content consumption. It’s what distinguishes it in a sea of similar content, builds a loyal readership, and sustains its growth and relevance over time. For bloggers, cultivating uniqueness is a commitment to authenticity, creativity, and continuous innovation.

Bridging the gap between understanding the importance of uniqueness in blogging and the strategies to achieve it, the discussion now shifts to practical applications. 

Defining a Unique Identity in a Crowded Space

In the expansive digital universe, where countless blogs vie for attention, carving out a unique identity is not just beneficial – it’s essential. Blogging has evolved from a hobby or platform for sharing thoughts to a powerful tool for personal branding, business growth, and thought leadership. In this densely populated space, uniqueness becomes the beacon that attracts and retains a dedicated audience.

Standing Out vs. Blending In

A unique blog offers something that no one else does – it could be a distinctive writing style, an unusual perspective on common topics, or an innovative way of engaging with readers. In contrast, blogs that blend in often rehash the same ideas and formats, making it hard for them to leave a lasting impression. Uniqueness is what prompts a reader to bookmark a blog, subscribe to its newsletter, and engage with its content on a deeper level.

Reflecting Authenticity and Building Trust

Uniqueness in blogging is often synonymous with authenticity. Readers are drawn to blogs that reflect genuine passion, honesty, and transparency. This authenticity fosters trust – a crucial element in building a loyal readership. When a blogger shares their unique experiences, insights, or expertise, it doesn’t just add value; it creates a connection with the audience that can’t be easily replicated.

Enhancing Creativity and Innovation

Striving for uniqueness pushes bloggers to be more creative and innovative. It encourages them to explore new topics, experiment with different formats, and think outside the box. This creative exploration not only makes the blog more interesting for readers but also keeps the blogger passionately engaged in their work.

Differentiation in Niche Markets

In niche blogging, uniqueness is even more critical, especially in an era where overusing stuff like a paraphrasing tool is common, leading to repetitive content across different platforms. Niches, by their nature, are crowded with experts and enthusiasts. A unique angle or approach can be the differentiator that sets a blog apart from its competitors. It’s about finding that gap in the conversation – a new perspective, a unique solution, or a new way of presenting information.

Building a Personal Brand

For individual bloggers, uniqueness is a cornerstone of personal branding. What makes a blog unique – voice, style, content, or design – becomes synonymous with the blogger’s brand. This personal brand is what readers remember and associate with the blog, making it easier to build a broader online presence across various platforms.

Facilitating Meaningful Engagement

Unique blogs create opportunities for deeper and more meaningful engagement. They attract readers who are genuinely interested in the blogger’s unique perspective or expertise. This leads to more meaningful interactions in the comments section, social media, and other community forums, fostering a sense of community around the blog.

Long-Term Sustainability

In the long run, uniqueness in blogging contributes to sustainability. While trends come and go, a blog with a distinct voice or perspective can maintain a steady audience. This long-term sustainability is crucial for keeping a blog alive and potential monetization and professional opportunities.

Ana Hoffman of The Power of Simplicity

Ana Hoffman believes in delivering value through simplicity. Her blog caters to marketers needing efficient traffic-generation strategies without the fluff of lengthy lists. Her direct, results-oriented approach sets her apart.

BIG traffic ideas for small marketing budgets

A screenshot of Ana Hoffman blog's homepage

Ana says: “What makes my blog worth reading? In a word, simplicity. My blog posts are geared towards busy marketers who are always on the go, need to get more traffic to their sites, but don’t really have much use for yet another “45 Ways to…” post. They don’t need 45 ways to drive traffic, just one that actually works and they can implement today. That’s exactly what I aim to do at Traffic Generation Café.”

Why Check Out Ana Hoffman’s Blog?

Ana’s focus on simplicity and practicality makes her blog a go-to resource for marketers seeking effective, no-nonsense traffic generation strategies. Her ability to distill complex concepts into actionable advice is invaluable for anyone looking to improve their online presence efficiently.

Ashley Faulkes of Demystifying Digital Marketing

Ashley Faulkes turns the complex world of online marketing into accessible knowledge. His blog breaks down intimidating topics into practical guides, making it a go-to resource for small business owners and bloggers.

Helping you run your own website

A screenshot of blog's homepage

Ashley says: “ has become a place people can go to find great information on websites and online marketing – ie. blogging, social media, WordPress, marketing and more.

What makes it different is the way that I break down the topics and information that is often very confusing for small business owners or bloggers. This is done with easy to follow “how tos”, video tutorials, podcast interviews with industry experts and blog posts on the things that readers care about.

My ultimate goal is to make people’s online marketing lives easier by bringing clarity where there is normally only madness!”

Why Check Out Ashley Faulkes’ Blog?

Ashley’s blog stands out for its clarity in demystifying the often complex world of online marketing. His detailed guides and tutorials are perfect for small business owners and bloggers who want to effectively understand and implement digital marketing strategies.

Harleena Singh of A Community of Insights

For Harleena Singh, the strength of her blog lies in its community and her unique voice. Her readers value her engaging writing style and the rich, interactive discussions in the comments section.

Bringing happiness into your life

A screeshot of Harleena Singh's homepage

Harleena says: “That’s a good question – something that every blogger should ask himself or herself. For this reason, I once conducted a readership survey and my blog readers were very candid and helpful to give their honest feedback (I should add that their responses were anonymous to facilitate honest feedback). My blog readers find my blog worth reading for basically three reasons:

  1. They like my “voice”
  2. They like my style of writing
  3. They like the topics I take on and the way I do that

The other important aspect why my blog is worth reading is my blog community and their valuable contribution. I’ve a highly engaging and interactive community and quite often the real interesting stuff lies in the comments section of the blog posts.

What I do is try to be helpful, useful, and create awareness to enable people to bring happiness into their life. My readers find that my blog contains good amount of value and great food for thought that is helpful in making their daily living and relationships easy.

I also take special care to make the language of the blog posts is easy to understand, keep small paras, divide the content into chunks of related parts, use colors and visuals etc. to make it look interesting and enticing.

I think every blogger can be unique and successful by following these mantras. I also try to be one-to-one with all commenters, engage with all my blog community members through comments and social networking, and the ensuing build-up of relationship makes my blog and myself special for them.

Why Check Out Harleena Singh’s Blog?

Harleena’s blog is a blend of personal insights and a vibrant community. The interactive comment section adds depth to her engaging posts, making it a great site for readers looking for thoughtful content and meaningful discussions.

Marc Andre of Quality Over Quantity

Marc Andre focuses on impactful, actionable content. Publishing only once a week, he ensures each post delivers practical value. His experience outside the internet marketing niche enriches his blog with diverse insights.

A screenshot of Marc Andre's blog's homepage

Marc says: “One of the ways I attempt to make my blog different is that I don’t publish loads of content, and I try to make each post count. I only publish about one post per week and I try to make sure that each post is something that readers can really use and put into practice. It may be a detailed post with lots of tips, or it could be a resource list that includes links to very helpful websites and resources.

Another thing that makes me different from some, but certainly not all, bloggers in the internet marketing niche is that ProfitBlitz is just a side project for me. That means I spend the majority of my time on websites and blogs in other industries, and I can use that experience and the things I learn in the content that I write for ProfitBlitz. I don’t want to spend all of my time working in the internet marketing or make money online niche because I think that makes it more challenging to relate to readers who are blogging in other niches.”

Why Check Out Marc Andre’s Blog?

Marc’s approach of quality over quantity, with each post packed with actionable insights, makes his blog a must-visit. His unique perspective, gained from working in various niches, offers valuable lessons for bloggers and internet marketers.

Enstine Muki of Revealing Unseen Questions

Enstine Muki excels in uncovering and answering hidden questions in the blogging world. His candid sharing of personal experiences, successes, and failures adds a layer of authenticity to his blog.

Let’s make money online

A screenshot of Enstine Muki's blog's homepage

Enstine says: “People read blogs because they want value. They want answers to questions. They want to lean new things and stay informed. One of the reasons I created my blog is to provide answers to questions that are often asked by many.  I don’t only provide these answers on my blog. I make sure I provide exciting answers in details and frequently.

One of the reasons my blog is read is the fact that I even go as far as making my readers see questions or problems they didn’t think exist.  By raising some unknown issues and providing answers, this keeps readers excited, knowing there is always some new on my blog.

Another reason my blog is read is the fact that I hold nothing back. I share my experiences, success and failures and try to bring out lessons. People love reading practical examples with real results”

Why Check Out Enstine Muki’s Blog?

Enstine’s blog is celebrated for its ability to reveal and solve unseen blogging challenges. His openness about his experiences and his practical advice make his blog a valuable resource for bloggers at any stage.

John Lee Dumas of Tailored Content for the Audience

John’s blog stands out by consistently aligning its content with the needs and struggles of its audience. This audience-first approach ensures relevancy and value in every post.

Daily podcast interviews with today’s busiest entrepreneurs

A screenshot of homepage

John says: “We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know our avatar, and as a result, we know what they’re struggling with and what types of content will be most valuable for them. What makes our blog worth reading is that the first question we always ask ourselves before creating content is, “Will this be valuable to our audience?” If the answer is “maybe”, or “no”, then we don’t write it. It may sound trivial, but I think a lot of writers would be surprised if they actually stopped and asked themselves whether or not they truly know what their avatar struggles with, and what types of content would be most valuable for them.”

Why Check Out John Lee Dumas’ Blog?

John’s blog is a treasure trove of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs, with content closely aligned with the audience’s needs. His ability to consistently deliver value makes his blog a top pick for those seeking to learn from successful entrepreneurial journeys.

Lisa Irby of Personal Experience as a Teaching Tool

Lisa Irby’s blog shines by blending personal experiences with informative content. Her approachable style and comprehensive guides on web development and marketing make her blog a valuable resource for beginners and experts alike.

Don’t just create a website. Create a web business.

A screenshot of homepahe

Lisa says: “I try to add my own personal experiences to my content and instead of just revealing facts, explain how I’m using certain techniques or programs along with the results achieved.  This helps make the post more engaging and it’s more fun to write as well.”

Why Check Out Lisa Irby’s Blog?

Lisa’s blog is a comprehensive guide to web development and online marketing. Her personal experiences, combined with detailed tutorials, make her blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create and grow a web business.

Leslie Samuel of Personality in Blogging

Leslie Samuel believes in letting personality shine through content. His enthusiastic and accessible approach to blogging topics makes his content relatable and engaging.

Start a blog. Change the world.

A screenshot of homepage

Leslie says: “I believe that if you were to ask the subscribers to my blog why it’s worth reading, they would tell you that it’s because I’m real, provide valuable content and do it in an enthusiastic way. Yes, you can find a lot of the same info in other places. However, I try to make it accessible and have a lot of fun while doing it. That shows. If you’re building a blog, letting your personality shine through your content is a very effective way to make sure that your blog isn’t like anyone else. Why? Because nobody else can be YOU!”

Why Check Out Leslie Samuel’s Blog?

Leslie’s energetic and accessible approach to blogging education makes his blog stand out. His focus on personality and fun in content creation makes his blog a great source of inspiration and learning for budding bloggers.

Neil Patel of The Gift of Free, Caring Advice

Neil Patel’s blog is distinguished by its generosity. He offers in-depth, free advice and engages with his readers, creating a sense of community and trust.

I’m kind of a big deal.

A screenshot of homepage

Neil says: “I give free advice and I don’t expect anything in return. I also really care for each of my readers and I think it shows because I do things like respond to all comments.”

Why Check Out Neil Patel’s Blog?

Neil’s blog is known for its in-depth, free advice and responsive community engagement. His dedication to providing ‘epic content’ makes his site a must-visit for anyone serious about mastering digital marketing and blogging.

Sean Ogle of A Journey Shared

Sean’s blog captures his personal journey, offering a relatable narrative from his early career struggles to eventual success. His step-by-step guidance on business and lifestyle freedom resonates with readers.

Build a business, live anywhere, achieve freedom.

A screenshot of homepage

Sean says: “A couple things: 

1. You can see my transition from day 1. If you got back to the beginning of Location Rebel, you can see me in my day job, and see the struggles I had. You see me grow the business, and you see me successful in the end. A lot of blogs don’t have that, so it makes it more easy to relate. 

2. I make things very step by step. I don’t do a whole lot of “follow your dreams” type stuff. It’s here are the 10 steps you need to get from point A to point B. People appreciate that, because often bloggers are much too vague about things like that. 

3. I’m real. I respond to emails and people feel a stronger connection because of that.”

Why Check Out Sean Ogle’s Blog?

Sean’s blog offers a blend of personal growth stories and practical, step-by-step guidance. It’s a great resource for those looking to understand the journey of building a successful online business and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Adam Connell of Beyond the Expected

Adam Connell’s commitment to providing comprehensive resources sets his blog apart. He goes the extra mile in helping his readers, often crafting posts around their specific questions.

Your essential blogging resource.

A screenshot of homepage

Adam says: “With so many cooks in the same kitchen, so to speak – standing out takes effort and dedication. And being completely unique is definitely a challenge (near impossible sometimes). 

I looked at posts that most people were publishing in my niche and always felt that I’d read some of them and think – is that it?That’s why I try to publish more complete resources and in a lot of ways, I don’t hold anything back. There are arguments for and against giving away the farm, but when you give away the farm people love you for it. Another thing that I focus on is looking after my subscribers and anyone who comments on my blog.

Strangely enough for someone who helps people with blogging, I spend less time blogging and more time helping. That’s what I think makes the difference. I’ve even written entire blog posts based around a single question just one of my subscribers has had. And someone who asks a question in a comment doesn’t usually expect a detailed 500 word answer – and that’s why this is so powerful. It’s all about taking people’s expectations and breaking them (in a good way of course).

While it’s something that is going to get more difficult for me as time goes on, I love making a difference and people remember me for it.”

Why Check Out Adam Connell’s Blog?

Adam’s commitment to offering complete, in-depth resources makes his blog exceptional. His focus on helping his readers and subscribers through detailed, actionable content makes BloggingWizard a valuable site for all bloggers.

Adrienne Smith of The Power of Approachability

Adrienne Smith’s blog thrives on her approachability and genuine care for her readers. Her conversational style and willingness to engage make her content both appealing and accessible.

My mission is to help you achieve success online.

A screenshot of homepage

Adrienne says: “I know that I share a lot of the same type information that other bloggers do.  Since I share content around blogging in general, how to drive traffic to your blog and of course how to build relationships with your readers I have a lot of “how to” type posts.  People do love to learn but what others have shared with me about why they find my content so appealing above some of the rest is because I explain it in a way that’s easy for them to understand.  We all don’t come online knowing it all and most explain things like we’re already at that advanced level.  Even if we have been blogging for a number of years doesn’t mean we understand everything.  They find me very approachable if they have other questions that they need answering too.

I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve seen me all over the web.  Their first impression was how nice I was.  They eventually came to my blog and saw how helpful I was.  Then they opted into my blog and after I called them they realized I was the real deal.  They all found that so appealing because so many people they come across are unapproachable.  That’s definitely helped me to stand out from the rest because not too many people are that way and take the time to reach out to others.

I believe what makes me unique is that I’m nice, I’m helpful, I really care about them, I want them to do well and they feel like I’m a friend.  People just want to know that someone cares.“

Why Check Out Adrienne Smith’s Blog?

Adrienne’s blog is a testament to the power of engagement and approachability in the blogging world. Her conversational tone and commitment to interacting with her readers make her site a warm and welcoming place for learning about blogging and building online relationships.

Jeff Bullas of Branding and Persistence

Jeff Bullas stands out with his unique branding strategy, using a caricature instead of a regular photo, which adds a memorable touch to his online presence. His dedication exemplifies his focus on creating evergreen content and building a robust distribution network through social media and email lists. His persistence in online authority is a testament to his success.

A screenshot of homepage

Jeff says: “There are a few things that I think have contributed to standing out.  Branding – I chose to use a caricature of myself rather than a photo. This has contributed to standing out as different from the normal photoshopped personal photo. Content creation – creating the best evergreen content within my ability and resources that added as much value to people’s lives and business as possible. Building the largest distribution network for my content on social and email I could – From day one I worked on growing my social media tribes and followers and building my email list. Persistence – It takes time to earn authority online, so don’t give up. It takes years of persistent consistent content creation and promoting to stand out.”

Why Check Out Jeff Bullas’ Blog?

Jeff is recognized as a top social marketing talent by Forbes, and his blog is a treasure trove of practical, straightforward advice on online visibility. His unique branding approach and consistent, high-quality content make his blog a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their online presence.

Erik Emanuelli of Practical, Actionable Advice

Erik Emanuelli focuses on delivering valuable content in every post. He believes in transparency, sharing great content and practical information that can help a new blogger. By solving audience problems and encouraging interaction, he builds a strong community around his blog.

Take action, there is no passive income.

A screenshot of homepage

Erik says: “I always try to write something useful in each blog post I create. I know it may seem hard, and it is, believe me. A lot of popular bloggers do not reveal all their “secrets”, but still many give valuable information, but above all practical, which really help in the journey of a new blogger toward the online success. 

In each article I publish, I always add a link to a new interesting resource, or a tip on how to solve some issues, or a “how to” guide. If you are able to help solving your audience problems, then you are right on your way to build up a great community around your blog.

Also, ask your readers what they want you to write about in the next posts, this will increase the interaction between you and your blog visitors. Sharing not just “great content”, but really useful and practical information will boost your online reputation.”

Why Check Out Erik Emanuelli’s Blog?

Erik’s honesty and practical approach to blogging, especially in the realm of passive income, set his blog apart. His straightforward and actionable tips make his blog an excellent destination for anyone seeking real advice and honest insights into the blogging world.

Don Purdum of Unique Voice and Business Foundation

Don Purdum delves into the importance of finding one’s unique voice and vision in blogging. He emphasizes the foundational aspects of a business, such as marketing, sales, production, customer service, and administration, and relates these to effective blogging strategies.

Creating opportunities throughout the web.

A screenshot of homepage

Don says: “That’s a great question. I’ll tell you first what I’m doing and then I’ll allow my clients and readers to speak for themselves. After blogging on and off for several years now, I struggled with building an audience. I listened to “expert” after expert say we have to write daily blog articles and just keep pumping out great content. Well, I did that for almost a year. I would get at my peak maybe 30 unique visitors per day from Google Analytics, and that’s with over 50 articles published over six months.Needless to say, I felt very discouraged. As someone who owned a web design and development company, I know how how important the website is that it’s the center of your online world. It’s the only one thing you have control over. Everything else supports it if you’re going to have any type of business that uses the Internet to drive prospects and sales.

I decided that I wasn’t going to listen to all the experts. I was going to write what I wanted, in my unique voice, and in a way I wanted to read I took all my years as a military officer and Chaplain who helped write leadership field manuals and ten years of entrepreneurship and I realized what the real problems are that people have when it comes to their marketing both online and offline: 

They don’t know the real problem’s they solve. They don’t know who they solve the problems for. They don’t understand how their products or services are part of the solution.

Instead of doing this very hard work, people are just online selling, selling, selling. Their content is meaningless, offers no value, and helps no one. People are not listening. The other thing I discovered about both myself and my prospects and clients, and should have known, is the that they have no foundation for their business. 

Ever business must have five things for it function and if one is missing they are in trouble: 

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Customer Service
  • Administration

Guess which one usually suffers the most? Yep, marketing!

Because their business is struggling or not as good as it could be; they neglect to work on the most foundational aspect that makes the difference:

1. Vision – not the macro vision – that can only come with time and experience. Instead, each area of your business will have several high level visions for how you will build your business.

2. Strategy – How will you fulfill the vision. You ought to have multiple strategies for each vision

3. Goals – how will you measurably fulfill the strategy

4. Objectives – these are the individual tasks required to fulfill each individual goal.

This is where my uniqueness is at. Internet marketing ought to be the process of one finding their unique voice, vision, strategies, goals, and objectives as you seek to solve the problems your readers, prospects, and customers have.

People buy because they want to solve a problem. Every single time someone spends you money, you solve a problem for them; and the solution is not what you offer it’s how you communicate what you offer that meets their needs.

I own a website design, development, business coaching business. I help companies really connect with their prospects. How many web designers or developers can do that?

My blog is different because I’m uniquely me, and I’m embracing that uniqueness for the first time and I share in my own voice. My titles are not built around the same articles you can find anywhere on the web. I strive to be different in my voice, content, and engagement. I would like to think that’s what makes me different and why it’s worth reading.”

Why Check Out Don Purdum’s Blog?

Don’s approach to blogging is refreshingly candid and thought-provoking. His unique perspective on integrating business fundamentals with blogging makes his site an insightful visit for those looking to understand the deeper aspects of blogging and its impact on business success.


Each of these bloggers brings something special to the table, offering a wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives on blogging. Their blogs are not just platforms for sharing content but are also rich resources for learning, inspiration, and practical advice. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, exploring these blogs can provide valuable insights into making your own blog stand out in a crowded digital world.

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