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Ain’t it sad?

And still, there never seems to be a single like, repost, or tweet, 

That’s too bad

In your dreams, you have a plan

If you got yourself digital fans

You wouldn’t have to work at all

You’d fool around and have a ball

(Kudos to ABBA)

Wait a minute, slow down the music. Let’s set the record straight. If you think that choosing blogging as a career will instantly make a tycoon out of you, so, likewise Scrooge McDuck, you’ll have a personal pool to bathe in coins, you are in the wrong. There is a myriad of things you could be doing to make money online. 

Curious to find out why blogging will not pave the way to a wealthy lifestyle? Keep reading to receive all the answers. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Overnight success in blogging is uncommon. If you want to pursue this path get ready to deal with challenges.
  • In blogging, genuine content and reader connection are crucial.
  • Look into other online work like freelance writing, niche websites, and consulting for more reliable income options.

Money Talk

The Internet caught on and stayed with us. So, now people are having a hard time imagining their life without it. Remote work, online shopping, virtual friendships, and more have morphed from “unconventional” into “traditional” definitions and daily routines.  

The same with blogging. The numbers might surprise you, but more than 2 million people have already taken up this profession. The chances are your colleague has a culinary blog just like Charles Boyle from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Or a chic and mysterious downstairs neighbor might be a spitting image of Carrie Bradshaw with her unforgettable column about NYC and relationships. 

Is Blogging A Waste Of Time
Image: Sex and the City/HBO

But why does everyone latch on to this new and enticing career? The answer is three words: remote financial freedom. Imagine no more rush in the mornings, hot coffee burns that used to wake you up, long traffic jams, stuffed and sull cubicles. With blogging, anyone can turn their life to 180 degrees. Slow mornings, a peaceful workspace, and flexible hours are guaranteed. 

So, when will you start raking money from your blog? Like all digital “experts” and “gurus” say: post consistently and the audience will follow, and eventually, you’ll be making money hand over fist. Sadly, we are not the main characters in a movie, and this scenario only works 1 time out of a million. If you blindly follow these simple instructions the only thing you’ll get is anxiety. With trepidation, you’ll track the number of post clicks and subscribers, constantly wondering why the expected success isn’t materializing, leading to frustration and disappointment.

There are two ways from this situation: to soak in your tears or to switch your mindset. Easier said than done. But after all, if you changed your career that fast, you must not be surprised by anything at this point.

How NOT to fail blogging

Ask yourself: why did you start a blog? Obviously, you have some unresolved issues with your ego but leave it for the therapist. A blog is a great place to initiate a conversation, share exciting and new bits of information, find like-minded people, or even discover hidden talents. 

How NOT to fail blogging
Image: by Daniel Thomas

A blog can be a great place where the readers can find help and support. Moreover, it’s a vibrant community hub where diverse voices are united. Whether you’re exploring gourmet recipes, untangling complex tech topics, or sharing travel tales, your blog becomes a beacon for others with similar interests. Remember, the blog is about building connections and offering value. You might not become an overnight sensation, and that’s okay. The real magic of blogging lies in the gradual growth of a dedicated readership. So, focus on crafting content that resonates, sparks discussions, and maybe, just maybe, helps someone out there feel a little less alone in their journey. Keep it genuine, keep it interesting, and who knows? You might just find that in helping others, you’re also helping yourself.

Signs You Are Wasting Your Time Blogging

Is the feeling “when you go bowling you know you are in somebody else’s shoes” familiar when you sit down to write another blog? If yes, then it’s the first bell this trade of work was not meant to be. Let’s discover other signs that indicate your blogging efforts might be going down the wrong alley.

Firstly, promoting products or services without personal experience or belief in them is a red flag. Authenticity matters in blogging. Readers can quickly sense when content is insincere or purely driven by affiliate marketing. If the focus is solely on promoting products that haven’t been personally tried or trusted, it’s likely that the blog will struggle to build a loyal readership.

Secondly, a lack of audience engagement is a major concern. A successful blog isn’t just about having content; it’s about having an audience that actively engages with that content. If there’s minimal interaction, comments, or shares, it might be time to reevaluate the content strategy. Building a trusted audience takes time and genuine effort, and without this, a blog can quickly become just another forgotten site on the internet.

Another sign is an over-reliance on ads and keyword stuffing. While monetizing a blog is a valid goal, plastering a site with ads or cramming posts with keywords for the sake of search engine optimization can be counterproductive. This approach not only diminishes the user experience but also can harm search engine rankings. Quality content should always be the priority.

Additionally, pushing sales too aggressively can turn readers away. Blogs that immediately try to sell products or services without providing real value or establishing a relationship with the audience are less likely to succeed. The key is to offer value first and sell second.

Lastly, neglecting other potential online income avenues while focusing solely on a non-performing blog is a misstep. The digital world offers a myriad of ways to make money, and getting fixated on just one, especially one that isn’t working, limits potential success.

🚫 Promoting Unfamiliar ProductsPromoting products or services without personal use or belief indicates a lack of authenticity, which is crucial for building a loyal readership.
📉 Lack of Audience EngagementMinimal interaction, comments, or shares are signs of a disconnect with the audience, indicating a need to reevaluate the content strategy.
🏷️ Over-Reliance on Ads and KeywordsAn excessive focus on ads and keyword stuffing can harm user experience and search engine rankings, indicating a need to prioritize quality content.
💰 Aggressive Sales TacticsPushing sales too aggressively, especially without offering real value first, can turn readers away and hinder the success of the blog.
🌐 Neglecting Other Online Income OpportunitiesFocusing solely on a non-performing blog and ignoring other online money-making avenues limits potential success and growth in the digital world.

Other Ways to Make Money Online

Do not be disheartened that you can’t immediately create the best blog writing service out there. There is a myriad of golden opportunities online. Spead your wings and dive into the vast ocean of digital possibilities waiting to be explored.

🖋️ Freelance Writing is a powerful option. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about crafting engaging, quality material. Businesses and individuals often seek skilled writers to produce compelling blog posts, articles, and web content. By charging for these services, one can earn a steady income based on their writing prowess.

🔍 Creating Niche Sites offers an intriguing alternative. Unlike general blogging, niche sites focus intensely on a specific topic or audience. This targeted approach can lead to quicker results, especially when combined with affiliate marketing. By providing valuable information on a niche subject and promoting related products, one can earn commissions and build a loyal following.

📘 Information Products tap into the constant demand for knowledge. This could be anything from eBooks, online courses, tutorials, to audio content. By packaging expertise or unique insights into sellable products, creators can reach a global audience eager to learn and willing to pay for quality information.

👨‍💻 Software Development is a rapidly growing sector. Developing apps, plugins, extensions, or bespoke software solutions can yield substantial rewards. With the rise of digital technology, the demand for innovative and practical software solutions is ever-increasing.

👨‍🏫 Consulting and Coaching leverage personal expertise in a particular field. Whether it’s business, health, technology, or any other domain, sharing knowledge through coaching or consulting can be lucrative. It involves guiding clients, providing tailored advice, and helping them achieve specific goals.

Share your insights about blogging, career change, and other jobs you can do online. 

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