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painting of a childhood memoryOne of the best ways to gain inspiration for writing a short story, novel, or poem is to think back to your childhood. For most people, one’s childhood is at least a somewhat magical time. It is a time when one is discovering the world in its variety, and there seems to be many mysteries to life. This mystery and amazement of life itself can drive one to write compelling creative works.

Reflect back on some of the most memorable moments in your childhood, good or bad. Don’t shy away from the bad memories of your childhood, as they can be great source material for stories and other creative writing. If you feel depressed when thinking about your childhood memories, then put that emotion into your writing. The more emotion and more of yourself you put into your writing, the more persuasive and compelling it will be.

The best way to get your childhood memories down on paper is to do some automatic writing based on these memories. For five minutes, write without stopping to edit, keeping your childhood memories in mind. You can try this exercise several times, and later you can take a look at these sessions for ideas.

When one is writing about childhood memories, you need not be so technical in your writing. The exposition of emotions is more important than technique in this case. The reader should palpably feel your state in relation to a certain moment in your childhood. This applies to all types of writing, but especially to writing about one’s childhood.

So if you are ever stuck in writer’s block, try writing about a childhood memory of yours. Use automatic writing to get your thoughts down, and then move on from there with selected ideas from the automatic writing sessions you did.

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