The video discusses the speaker’s transition from being a heavy video game player to a passionate coder. They initially played video games for a sense of community and escapism but found similar benefits in coding communities. The speaker emphasizes the joys of learning, contributing, and immersing in the coding world, comparing it to gaming in terms of community, skill-building, and escapism. They now enjoy a healthier relationship with gaming, integrating it with their coding life, and encourage coding for fun and community, not just for career advancement.

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video “How To Replace Video Games With Coding“ by bigboxSWE

Key insights

  • Community in Gaming and Coding: The speaker found a sense of belonging in both gaming and coding communities, fulfilling their social needs.
  • Gaming vs. Coding as Escapism: Both activities provided an escape from reality, but coding offered a guilt-free form of escapism, as it was productive.
  • Skill Development and Satisfaction: The speaker relished the process of getting better at coding, akin to improving in a video game.
  • Healthy Balance with Gaming: They achieved a healthier gaming habit by integrating it with coding, like watching game streams while coding.
  • Coding for Enjoyment, Not Just Career: The speaker encourages coding for pleasure and community involvement, not solely for job prospects.

Timestamped Summary

  • 0:00-0:26: Introduction to the speaker’s gaming background and the initial sense of community it provided.
  • 0:26-1:10: Discovery of coding communities and the shift from being a question-asker to a contributor.
  • 1:10-1:40: Comparison of the dedication and escapism found in gaming and coding.
  • 1:40-2:09: Developing a healthier relationship with gaming by integrating it with coding.
  • 2:09-2:37: Encouraging coding for fun and community, similar to playing video games.


Can coding provide the same sense of community as gaming?

Yes, coding communities on platforms like Discord and Reddit offer a similar sense of belonging and interaction as gaming communities.

How can coding be a form of escapism?

Coding allows immersion in a task, offering an escape from real-world problems, similar to how gaming distracts from everyday life.

Is it possible to balance gaming and coding?

Absolutely. The speaker found a balance by integrating gaming into their coding life, such as watching game streams while coding.

Why should one consider coding beyond career aspirations?

Coding can be enjoyable and fulfilling, much like gaming, and should be pursued for personal satisfaction and community engagement, not just for job prospects.

How did the speaker’s approach to gaming change?

They shifted from excessive gaming to enjoying games in moderation, focusing more on coding and watching games during breaks or while coding.


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