Though GPT-4 continues to dominate in the coding sphere, Meta’s newly released Code LLama is narrowing the gap.

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Meta has introduced a new helper for coders, called Code Llama. This isn’t just any helper — it’s like a really smart assistant that understands how to write and fix computer code. The best part? It’s free for everyone to use, whether you’re in business or just doing some research.

Code Llama is actually an upgraded version of another program called Llama 2. What’s special about Code Llama is that it’s trained to understand code really well. So, whether you’re working with Python, Java, or a bunch of other programming languages, Code Llama has got your back.

Want to know how it works? You can simply ask Code Llama to write code for you by telling it what you want. For example, if you say, “I need a code for the Fibonacci sequence,” Code Llama will write it for you. It can also find mistakes in your existing code and help you fix them. Super handy, right?

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Here’s a cool part: Code Llama can work with a lot of information at once. While some programs can only handle a little bit of text, this one can work with big, complicated projects. That means you can give it a lot of details from your code, making it easier for you to get the help you need.

Now, let’s talk about its “sizes.” Code Llama comes in three different versions, each with a different number of ‘parameters,’ which you can think of as its ‘brainpower.’ There’s a 7 billion, a 13 billion, and a 34 billion parameter version. The bigger the number, the smarter Code Llama is, but it also needs more computer power to run. These versions are specially designed to fit different needs, like how fast you need the help or how complicated your code is.

Users online have already tried the abilities of Code Llama and are ready to share their experiences:

“The 34B Code Llama outperforms GPT3.5 while running locally and being free for commercial use. Absolutely amazing. No more ‘this code too sensitive to run through GPT’.”

“I’m literally going to use this model to build an automatic unit test generator bot at my job.”

“Personally I’m blown away by Codellama right now. My experience is with 7b models and its reasoning even for non-programming tasks is amazing!”

“Truly mind-boggling the speed at which open-source developments have caught up. Hasn’t even been a year yet 🤯”

There are even specialized versions of Code Llama:

  • Code Llama – Python: This one is super good at Python, a programming language that a lot of people use. It’s trained on tons of Python code to make it really smart in that language.
  • Code Llama – Instruct: This one is trained to understand what you’re asking even better. So, when you ask it to write or fix code, it gets what you mean more clearly.

Why is Meta doing all this? They believe that these smart helpers can change how people code for the better. It can take away the boring parts of the job, letting coders focus on the fun, creative stuff. Plus, because it’s open for everyone to use, anyone can try it out, find mistakes, and make it even better.

Code Llama is made to help all sorts of people who write code, from businesses and researchers to volunteers in non-profits. And there’s more to come! Meta hopes that Code Llama will inspire even more awesome tools for everyone.


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