This month: This month was rife with discussion on coding and computer science education. A timely piece demystified the common misconception that high-end computers are necessary to learn coding. The UK’s computer studies field is experiencing a surge of interest due to the AI boom. However, a thought-provoking analysis unveiled ongoing issues in computer science education. The focus has been too much on rote learning of coding languages rather than fostering critical problem-solving skills. Finally, an interesting feature pondered whether daily coding for half an hour is enough to master the skill. The consensus was that while consistent practice is key, the quality of learning is more important than the quantity.

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If you are not into reading the news but still want to stay updated on the latest trends in programming, A*Help got you covered. We collect all the juiciest and most discussed topics to form a monthly digest to keep you posted on what’s happening in the IT world. We are determined to give you the most valuable pieces so you don’t waste your time on irrelevant information. On top of that, this news summary can be useful in showing you how to get into coding yourself and start your IT career.

Do You Need a Good Computer to Learn How to Code?

July 1, 2023

Do You Need a Good Computer to Learn How to Code?

Finally, , the common misconception that learning to code requires a high-end computer was put to rest. The article highlights that for beginners, a powerful computer isn’t a prerequisite.

While some advanced coding tasks could require more computing power, most coding languages and tasks are not resource-intensive and can be performed on average computers. The key takeaway is that an aspiring coder’s focus should be on understanding and mastering the programming concepts rather than worrying about hardware requirements.

AI Boom Fuels Spike in Computing Studies Among UK Students

July 17, 2023

Month’s Best Coding Tips: What Do You Need to Learn Coding and Current Trends in Computring Studies

The rise of artificial intelligence has created a surge in computing studies among UK students. This month’s report reveals that more students are taking up computer science degrees, fueled by the increasing impact of AI in everyday life.

This upward trend is promising for the tech industry, which has been battling a talent shortage for years. It’s clear that the fascination with AI and the potential for lucrative careers in this field is drawing more students towards computing studies.

Computer Science Students Disappointed with Their Professors’ Way of Teaching

July 26, 2023

Navigating the Maze: Unmasking the Issue with Computer Science Education

As computer science education continues to be a topic of discussion, the issues regarding its effectiveness coming to light. In a recent article, it’s argued that the current approach to computer science education may not adequately equip students with the skills needed in the real world.

The article suggests that the present system focuses too much on theory rather than practical, hands-on coding experience. It’s imperative to balance theoretical knowledge with real-world coding challenges to produce graduates ready to face the dynamic tech industry.

Is Half an Hour of Daily Coding Enough to Master the Skill?

July 30, 2023

Is Half an Hour of Daily Coding Enough to Master the Skill?

Do you think that you need to study 24/7 to become a coding guru? Well think again, because the question of how much daily coding is necessary to master the skill was addressed recently, sparking interest among tech enthusiasts and learners alike.

It’s argued that while practicing for half an hour daily can be beneficial for maintaining consistency, the quality of practice is as important as the quantity. To truly master coding, one must immerse oneself in meaningful projects and problem-solving, rather than just clocking in hours. Beginners are encouraged to start with manageable intervals of focused, undistracted coding and gradually increase the time spent as their stamina builds.


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