This video clarifies the distinctions between programming, coding, and development, highlighting their individual importance and interconnectedness. Programming is described as the manifestation of logic, akin to applied math, focusing on problem-solving and logical patterns. Coding, on the other hand, is more about the implementation details, including syntax and quality of code in specific programming languages. Development encompasses a broader spectrum, involving solution outcomes and business needs, going beyond just programming or coding.

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video “Programming vs Coding – What’s the difference?“ by Aaron Jack

Key insights

  • Programming Equals Logic: Programming is aligned closely with mathematical logic, focusing on creating instructions and solving problems logically.
  • Coding – Implementation of Logic: Coding involves the practical application of programming logic using specific programming languages, dealing with syntax and technical details.
  • Development – Beyond Coding and Programming: Development includes coding and programming but also addresses broader business or solution-oriented aspects.
  • Learning Programming vs. Coding: The video suggests mastering programming first, as it provides a strong foundation making coding in various languages easier.
  • Impact of Automation on Coding: There’s a trend towards automation in coding, but the principles of programming remain crucial and relevant.

Timestamped Summary

  • 0:00-0:22: Introduction to the difference between programming and coding.
  • 0:22-1:18: Explanation of programming as a manifestation of logic, akin to applied math.
  • 2:23-3:09: Discussion on coding, focusing on its implementation aspect and technical details.
  • 3:10-4:52: Comparison between coding and programming, and the importance of focusing on programming.
  • 4:54-5:37: The concept of development and its broader scope compared to programming and coding.


What is the main difference between programming and coding?

Programming focuses on logical problem-solving, while coding is about implementing these solutions in a specific language.

Why is programming likened to applied math?

Programming is closely related to mathematical logic, emphasizing logic and problem-solving skills.

Can you be good at coding without understanding programming?

Understanding programming is fundamental for effective coding, as it provides the logical framework for implementation.

How does automation affect coding jobs?

Automation tools and algorithms are increasingly handling coding tasks, but the principles of programming remain essential.

Is it better to learn multiple programming languages early on?

It’s recommended to master one language first to focus on programming logic, rather than getting distracted by learning multiple syntaxes.


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