The dynamics of social media are constantly evolving, and brands must adapt to keep their social strategy relevant and effective. At the heart of any successful social strategy are strong copywriting skills. Crafting compelling, engaging content can elevate a brand’s social media presence and create meaningful connections with its target audience. This article offers advanced copywriting practices to refine your skills and elevate your social media strategy.

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Key Takeaways

  • Effective social media copywriting involves understanding and tailoring content to the target audience.
  • Experiment with post lengths and formats to find what resonates best with your audience.
  • Continuous learning and skill improvement are critical to staying relevant and effective in social media copywriting.

Advanced Social Media Copywriting Practices

Social practitioners are tasked with the complex job of navigating the intricacies of various networks and formats. However, the foundation of any effective social strategy lies in solid social media copywriting skills.

Effective social media copywriting is more than just writing appealing sentences; it involves understanding your audience, tailoring your content to different platforms, testing different calls to action (CTAs), and making the best use of technology, among other things. Let’s look at ten best practices that can help you level up your copywriting game.

Create post templates

This involves repurposing your most successful posts into templates, saving time and replicating success. For instance, Paramount+ applies this on Twitter, engaging audiences with compelling questions, statements, branded hashtags, and video teasers of upcoming shows.

“By using a tried-and-true post formula, you will save time and replicate your success without recreating the wheel.”

Recycle your content

Make use of successful content across different platforms and adapt the message suitably. You can break down an article that resonates with your audience into several different social posts.

“When copywriting for social, identify successful content your brand has created for other channels and tailor the message for social platforms.” (Olivia Jepson)

Lead with a hook

Your social media copy should be engaging enough to make your audience keep reading. Hooks could range from spicy or outlandish statements, relevant questions, trending topics, or provocative viewpoints.

“When it comes to writing social hooks, swing big! Ask questions, spill a hot take, utilize a trending angle and give your audience something to agree or disagree with you about.” (Greg Rokisky)

Write with accessibility in mind

Incorporate accessibility into your strategy to create an inclusive experience. This includes using easy-to-read hashtags, avoiding all caps, spelling out acronyms, using plain language, presenting the most important information first, and using @ mentions and emojis at the end of your post.

“Social media copywriting with accessibility in mind ensures an inclusive experience. Make sure accessibility is part of your overall strategy, and apply it to your social content—from copy to images to videos.”

Use active voice

Active voice clarifies your copy’s meaning, creating concise and actionable social content.

“Passive voice clouds the meaning of your copy. Use an active voice to craft concise and actionable social content.”

Experiment with longer posts

This is platform-specific and is particularly effective on LinkedIn, where long form posts can build thought leadership and credibility.

“Know the story you’re trying to tell, and don’t overcomplicate it. Focus on the pain points your audience is up against, and point to a solution.” (Greg Rokisky)

Test CTAs throughout your content

Different platforms and stages of the customer journey require different CTAs. Testing helps identify which phrases generate the most engagement.

“When copywriting for social media, it’s best to mix up your CTAs. Avoid too many sales-driven CTAs in a row, and test which phrases generate the most engagement from your audience.”

Embrace the rise of AI in copywriting

AI can enhance productivity, streamline the content development process, and aid in overcoming writer’s block. It is, however, essential to human-check the AI-generated copy for appropriateness.

“Embracing up-and-coming AI can make you a more productive marketer and copywriter by speeding up your content development process and helping you overcome writer’s block.”

Analyze your metrics

Keep track of the reactions and engagement your posts receive. This analysis can help evolve your copywriting style and strategy.

“The art of social media copywriting doesn’t end when you hit publish. If you take a ‘post and ghost’ approach, you will miss critical audience insights that can help you level-up your copywriting skills for your unique audience.”

Invest in copywriting tools and training

Strive to always improve as a writer. Make use of the various tools and resources available to enhance your copywriting skills.

“Strive to always be growing and improving as a writer. Copywriting is a skill that can be honed and tested.”

Why Long-Form Social Media Posts Can Be More Engaging Than Short Ones

In the rapid-paced world of social media, long-form content can stand out and lead to higher engagement. For example, platforms like LinkedIn are ideal for sharing detailed thought leadership articles, industry insights, or comprehensive tutorials. These lengthy posts can demonstrate your brand’s expertise and dedication to providing valuable content, thus establishing a deeper connection with the audience.

Additionally, long-form content tends to provide a thorough exploration of a topic, which often leads to richer, more meaningful engagement. Users may be more likely to share, comment on, or refer back to these posts, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

For instance, TED Talks, known for their enlightening and comprehensive content, effectively use long-form posts on LinkedIn to foster a community of curious thinkers. Similarly, brands like HubSpot and Buffer regularly post detailed articles and guides, providing immense value to their followers and sparking meaningful conversations.

TED Talks

Enhancing your social media copywriting skills involves a blend of creativity, analysis, and technical skills. Incorporating the ten advanced practices discussed here, such as creating post templates, writing with accessibility in mind, embracing AI, and experimenting with long-form content can significantly improve your brand’s social media presence and audience engagement.


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