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Do you use any social media services? I wonder how I managed to omit such an obvious topic for such a long time. Anyways, social media is a significant part of life for many people around the world… I guess. I am saying it this way, because I am not an active user of social media networks. Well, I kind of used to be, but then I realized I could live without them, so I gradually stopped using them.

Nevertheless, there are several social media networks (besides Facebook and Twitter), which writers—both amateur or professional—can find useful. Here are some of the networks I’d like to recommend to you based on my own experience of using them in the past.

1. Book-in-a-Week. This service sees its mission in encouraging other authors to write their novels, and the website’s title clearly points it out. The website has thrice been admitted as one of the best services for writers, and I must say these guys really are. Here you can find all sorts of useful resources, tools, tips and hints on writing, participate in different challenges, and so on.

2. Writertopia. This one can seriously help in terms of organizing your work and presenting it to others. Writertopia is an awesomely organized network, with online workshops, different graphic tools, and a possibility to create and manage your own portfolio.

3. The third one in the list is a network with an clear name: Writer’s Network. This is a simple website to use, but what is more important for you as a potential user is how it’s a good place to meet new people and strive for success as a creative writer. Although there is a focus on poetry, you are welcome regardless of the genre you work in. Various polls and contests, as well as a system of reviews, are a great addition to the site.

Use these well, but remember that the main work you do is inside your mind and on paper. The rest are just tools.

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