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Hi everyone.

Would you like to learn two simple techniques that can immediately improve your creative writing, blog posts, articles, and so on? I bet you would. Well, today is your lucky day then: I present you with the curiosity gap, and the cliffhanger. Both of them are aimed at increasing your reader’s interest towards what you’ve written, and engaging them to read on.

A curiosity gap is suitable for all kinds of headlines, titles of blog posts or articles, or essays. It implies you create some sort of space between the info in the headline, and the main body. After reading such a headline, your reader should understand how something worth reading about has happened, but should not be able to guess what exactly it was. First, check out the following examples:

  • “NASA scientists held a press-conference about space.”
  • “Our probe has finally taken samples of the Moon’s ground, – NASA.”

Would these headlines gain much attention—what do you think? My answer is no. The first one is too vague. It’s basically the same as if I wrote: “Guys from NASA said something.” The only reason why you would want to click on it is the obscurity of the title. The second title, on the contrary, already tells everything, so there is no reason for a reader to click on it anyways. And here is when you need a curiosity gap. With it, the title would look somehow like this:

  • “NASA scientists are excited about the results of the probe mission.”

It’s just one of the possible examples of how you can increase your audience’s attention towards what you’ve written. Check out some more examples to understand what exactly a curiosity gap is.

  • “You won’t believe what Barack Obama said about Russia.”
  • “Scientists were surprised by the results of DNA analysis of a man from Alabama.”
  • “This is what police officials said about Ferguson protests.”
  • “An insider shared details about the ISIS movement.”
  • “Will school classes be cancelled because of the snowfall?”

Do not neglect the curiosity gap. If you master this technique, you will attract much more readers to your blogs and articles. Enjoy!

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