This week: In a significant shift in the field of artificial intelligence, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, predicted a changing landscape in AI, with a shift towards industry-specific AI solutions rather than one-size-fits-all applications. Moving over to education, a controversial decision was made by American colleges to no longer include race in admission applications. In job market news, with a difficult economic climate persisting, many are turning to bootcamps as a means to upskill and improve employability. Lastly, a professor’s perspective on the state of writing skills in higher education pointed out a noticeable decline. This deterioration has alarmed many in the academic world, highlighting the urgent need to emphasize and improve these critical skills in the curriculum. 

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Haven’t got a chance to get to the news reading this week? Don’t worry, the A*Help team is here for you! In this digest, we highlighted the most important shifts in the spheres of education, technology, the job market, and student lives that happened in the span of this week. 

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Forecasts a Changing of an AI Landscape

05 Jun ’23

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Forecasts a Changing of an AI Landscape

Can you see the future? Well, if not, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang can, at least in terms of artificial intelligence. He believes that the AI landscape is poised for a significant transformation, moving away from generic, all-purpose AI solutions to more industry-specific applications. According to Huang, such a shift is anticipated to boost innovation and technological breakthroughs in AI.

The Nvidia CEO’s forecasts come at a time when AI is increasingly infiltrating every facet of our daily lives, and his remarks have been taken as a cue by industries to focus on developing tailor-made AI solutions. Huang’s vision paints a future where AI becomes an even more integral part of technological advancements, and where specialized AI applications cater to the unique needs of different sectors. This perspective could shape the future direction of AI development, potentially leading to more sophisticated and relevant technology offerings.

American Colleges Are To Hide Race on Admission Applications

06 Jun ’23

A student filling in the application form

In a move that has provoked extensive debate, American colleges have decided to omit racial information from their admission applications. Supporters of this controversial change argue that it promotes a truly merit-based system, focusing on a student’s abilities and accomplishments rather than their racial background.

However, opponents voice concerns that this approach could potentially hinder diversity and inclusivity initiatives on campuses. Critics fear that without considering race, colleges may inadvertently disadvantage students from underrepresented groups. In what can only be described as a seismic shift in college admissions, the resolution to eliminate racial information from applications has set the nation abuzz. From lecture halls to coffee houses, America is fiercely debating the role of race in the hallowed halls of higher education. With diversity and inclusivity hanging in the balance, educational pundits, student bodies, and social commentators are locking horns over the implications of this tectonic change. It underscores the ongoing, contentious conversation surrounding affirmative action and diversity initiatives in American higher education.

Is the Bootcamp Route Still Viable To Start A Tech Career in a Challenging Job Market?

08 Jun ’23

Is the Bootcamp Route Still Viable To Start A Tech Career in a Challenging Job Market?

If you considered going to college maybe you should also consider some other studying options that would ensure your first job. In such a challenging job market amid ongoing economic turbulence, bootcamps are becoming more popular allowing individuals to boost their skills and improve their chances of employability. Bootcamps, intensive, short-term training programs, are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to traditional higher education paths, particularly in high-demand sectors like technology.

These programs, often focusing on specific skills, are designed to prepare individuals for the workforce quickly and effectively. While traditional higher education institutions can take years to complete, bootcamps typically last several weeks to a few months, making them an attractive option for those seeking to fast-track their careers or pivot into new sectors. This trend points towards an evolving perception of education and career preparation and could be a game-changer in how we approach skill development and job readiness in the future.

Writing Skills in Higher Education Deteriorate? A Professor’s View On the Problem

08 Jun ’23

Writing Skills in Higher Education Deteriorate? A Professor’s View On the Problem

Concerns are escalating in higher education circles, as a professor shares his views on the declining state of writing skills among students. This professor notes a significant deterioration in students’ ability to write effectively and cogently, highlighting the need for a greater emphasis on these critical skills in the curriculum.

The diminishing writing skills of students pose an alarming problem for the academic world, with potential long-term consequences for both students and the institutions they attend. The professor argues that colleges and universities need to prioritize and invest in improving students’ writing abilities to prepare them for future professional endeavours and academic pursuits. This issue amplifies the ongoing conversation about the quality of education and the need for practical skills development in higher education institutions. It is a clarion call to educators to reassess their teaching strategies and make necessary adjustments to foster students’ essential skills.

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