The OpenAI Learning Impact Prize, in partnership with the Tools Competition, invites edtech innovators globally to create revolutionary learning tools.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The OpenAI Learning Impact Prize and Tools Competition are offering $100,000, API credits, and expert advice to winners who create innovative educational tools.
  • The focus is on developing digital technologies that use big data and learning science to address global learning needs and advance large-scale learning research.
  • Participants, including students, educators, researchers, and edtech innovators, are invited to present innovations across learning levels to reshape the future of education globally.

Joined Forces for EdTech Advancement

The OpenAI Learning Impact Prize has teamed up with the Tools Competition to ignite innovation in the educational technology sector. This venture seeks to uncover groundbreaking digital tools that employ technology, big data, and learning science to address the immediate requirements of learners around the world.

This competition has a rich prize pool and offers an exclusive opportunity to secure $100,000, API credits, and technical guidance. This assistance will be instrumental in scaling solutions that harness the power of AI to create a significant impact in education.

The Tools Competition is an initiative that financially supports the development of edtech tools and technologies. These are designed to bolster learning outcomes and advance learning science research, with a special focus on innovations that can meet learners’ needs globally.

The competition is open to a wide array of digital tools including apps, software, algorithms, or any other form of digital technology. The primary aim is to develop tools capable of facilitating continuous data collection on learning at an affordable scale. This not only supports educational advancement but also provides essential data that can help researchers unravel the nuances of learning on a large scale.

Tools Competition Learning Impact Prize

The competition is comprehensive, welcoming ideas that could potentially transform learning experiences and understandings. As technology evolves and global innovations emerge, the scope of competitive tool concepts may expand, accommodating a plethora of innovative ideas.

To be a part of this revolutionary competition, participants need to choose a track. The tracks are organized based on learning levels from Pre-K to adult learning, each focusing on resolving a significant issue in learning. Competitors should aim to present innovative proposals or advanced developments that align with the track priorities.

Participants can be anyone from students and educators to researchers and edtech innovators. The competition is structured to be inclusive, offering different award levels corresponding to the competitors’ development phase. The overarching goal is to gather a diverse range of ideas that can contribute to shaping the future of learning and education. The OpenAI Learning Impact Prize and Tools Competition are eager to witness and support the birth of transformative educational tools and technologies that have the potential to redefine learning landscapes globally.


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