Almost everybody nowadays is aware of what ChatGPT is since it provides easy access to information and content creation. However, in some cases, it can give truly surprising responses.

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Key Takeaways:

  • ChatGPT has emerged as a widely utilized platform in various spheres of life, including academia, where it aids students and scholars in writing and research.
  • Instances of incorrect information provision by ChatGPT, even sometimes generating false data about individuals or denying established facts, have been highlighted by users.
  • Constructing effective prompts for ChatGPT is crucial for harnessing its capabilities optimally.

ChatGPT, a popular platform, rose to success and is being used in various fields of life. From content marketing to academic assignments, people often turn to this tool to make their everyday tasks just a tad bit easier. Although, it’s not always correct in the information it provides, which has even resulted in several lawsuits

One of the users on Reddit asked the community about their experience with ChatGPT.

The Role of ChatGPT in Academics

ChatGPT can be a valuable ally in the academic pursuits of students and scholars alike by providing assistance in a myriad of ways. Particularly, it acts as a tool that aids in crafting, improving, and exploring various elements of writing and research. Imagine a student, perhaps even yourself, writing an essay or researching a topic. ChatGPT steps in to offer suggestions on structuring sentences, generating ideas, or even helping with language nuances, making the writing process more streamlined and less daunting. 

Furthermore, it creates an interactive and engaging learning environment by allowing users to pose questions and receive immediate responses. According to Intelligent’s survey of 1,223 students, 30% of participants used ChatGPT for schoolwork this past academic year. Out of this chunk, 46% say they often used it to do their college assignments. However, it’s essential to note that while ChatGPT is a useful tool, it does not replace the depth and detail of professional academic advising or specific research databases. It provides general assistance and should be used alongside other reliable academic resources. Nevertheless, ChatGPT facilitates an accessible and user-friendly platform, catering to various academic needs and offering support, which is just what students need.

Making Up Facts and Even Deaths of Some People

It’s no secret that ChatGPT can often give its users incorrect information about certain historical figures, dates, and events. Some of the users on Reddit even tried to ask questions about themselves and were greeted with a certain surprise.

“I’m a prof and vaguely googlable. I asked it who I was. It was sort of correct but said I died in 2019.”

“I’m a writer, and while it told me accurate details about some of my books, it also made up some books I definitely didn’t write. They were apparently well-received by fans and critics, though, so I’ve got that going for me.”

“It said that I was an author of a paper that I wasn’t and that all of the authors were affiliated with my institution. When I pointed out that I wasn’t an author, it apologized but still listed the actual authors as coming from my institution. When I pointed this out, it told me that it didn’t want to talk about it anymore.”

However, it’s not always that serious. Sometimes ChatGPT even goes as far as denying simple math rules, although it can be pretty accurate when it comes to Python tasks or complicated algebra problems. With this particular user, luck wasn’t on ChatGPT’s side.

“2+2=7 wasn’t a great one”

One Redditor asked the tool to create an image of Salma Hayek as ASCII art and was greeted with a modern-day masterpiece.

The Worst and Funniest ChatGPT Answers According to Redditors
Source: Reddit.

Top 7 Funniest Responses from ChatGPT

Salma Hayek art aside, ChatGPT can be a source of some great anecdotes, according to the responses shared under the original thread. We picked a list of the top 7 funny responses from this AI, so you can laugh along at home.

“I asked for tips on how to beat god of war 2018 and it gave me a recipe for pancakes in Spanish.”
“I asked for 10 logic puzzles and then for their solutions so I could print the solutionss on a separate page. Then I could try a puzzle and only look at the solution if I got stumped. I got a page with the 10 puzzles, and then a page with 10 solutions – but the solutions were to 10 totally different puzzles.”
“I asked it to pick one from “1,2,3,4,5” and it gave me a warning.”
“Videogame hints. Oh my God. It invented an entire new endgame quest. In vivid detail. And a new final boss who the game had supposedly been hinting at all along. And it tried to give me directions on how to find the secret entrance, describing what I should be seeing from every angle that it had obviously no knowledge of, it’s not like its training data is to actually play through 3D games.”
“Asked for a script structure and it gave me a workout guide.”
“Was planning a presentation for work and in the beginning I was hoping to run some icebreakers by pulling up a poll that everyone could vote on. Asked chatGPT for some good icebreaker polls that will have divided opinions. The result: “was JFK an inside job?”
“I one asked it a question about electricity and it gave me a response relating to King Arthur.”

How to Create Prompts for ChatGPT Correctly

Oftentimes, silly responses like the ones above, are a consequence of people formulating their prompts inaccurately. Crafting effective prompts for ChatGPT can significantly enhance the quality and specificity of the responses obtained. To develop impactful prompts, it’s crucial to understand the objective of the interaction and to structure questions and statements in a way that guides the model toward providing the desired outcome. Here’s a simplified guide on how you might conceive effective prompts:

  1. Clarity is Key: Ensure your prompt is clear and concise, avoiding unnecessary jargon or overly complex structures, especially when you want straightforward answers.
  2. Specify the Context: Sometimes, including a bit of background or context within the prompt can guide ChatGPT to provide more relevant and targeted responses.
  3. Ask Directly: If you’re looking for specific information or a particular format of answer, don’t hesitate to specify this within your prompt.
  4. Multiple Attempts: If the first prompt doesn’t yield the desired output, try rephrasing or adding more details to refine the subsequent answers.
  5. Sequential Queries: If your interaction involves multiple related questions, ensure they follow a logical and coherent sequence to maintain conversational flow.

In practice, let’s frame a few exemplary prompts:

Instead of “Tell me something”, try “Can you provide information about the Eiffel Tower?

Instead of “Translate”, try “Can you translate ‘Hello’ into French?

Rather than “Give me ideas”, ask “Can you suggest three topics for a speech about technology?

The key is to treat ChatGPT as a sophisticated tool where your input — in the form of well-structured prompts — directly influences the quality and relevance of the output. This becomes particularly vital in academic or professional settings, where precision and accuracy are paramount.

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