Cheap Writing Service, a leading company in the academic writing industry, has unveiled its groundbreaking new service, Turbo Essay, offering a unique pay-after-satisfaction model that is set to redefine the way students and professionals outsource their writing needs.

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Industry-first Move

In an industry-first move, Turbo Essay allows customers to preview their ordered essays before making any payment, reaffirming the company’s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. This innovative approach addresses the widespread concern about quality and originality in the academic writing industry, providing customers with the confidence that they are receiving top-tier work.

Turbo Essay’s service model is simple but powerful. Customers provide the necessary instructions for their essays and pay a nominal $5 service fee to initiate the process. The company’s top-level experts then take over, crafting an original, high-quality essay within a maximum timeframe of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The company prides itself on its rapid turnaround time, promising to deliver essays within 4 hours. In the event of any delays that exceed 30 minutes beyond this timeframe, the company commits to delivering the essay as soon as possible and waiving the entire cost of the service.

“We’re confident in our ability to deliver top-notch essays under tight deadlines. This is why we’re willing to let our customers pay only if they’re satisfied with the final product,” said a spokesperson for Cheap Writing Service. “Quality and speed are our two main pillars, but customer satisfaction remains our ultimate goal.”

Cheap Writing Service’s team of experts are carefully selected to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver on the company’s promises. The company reassures its customers that no AI-generated content is used in the creation of the essays. Every piece is 100% original, crafted by human experts, and vetted through rigorous quality checks before delivery.

Further enhancing the appeal of its revolutionary service, Turbo Essay guarantees full confidentiality to its customers. This ensures that personal and order-related information remains secure and private, enhancing the trust between the company and its clientele.

The launch of Turbo Essay is set to disrupt the academic writing industry by providing an unprecedented level of quality assurance and customer-centric service. It signals a new approach where customers no longer have to worry about the quality of work they receive or whether their confidentiality will be maintained.

“Don’t pay if you don’t like the essay!” – Let’s Give it a Try

In a bid to assess the validity and efficiency of this revolutionary service, AcademicHelp, an independent education-focused platform, decided to test Turbo Essay by Cheap Writing Service. 

Cheap Writing Service - order form

We placed an order for a 550-word essay on the topic “Characteristics of a Leader.” To initiate the process, we paid the $5 service fee, with the total price for the paper quoted at $35.

From the moment the order was placed, Turbo Essay’s promise of speed and quality was put to the test. The process was simple and user-friendly, allowing us to provide detailed instructions for the essay without any hassle. The transparency of the service was evident from the start, with clear communication about the timeline and the total cost of the paper.

True to their word, and, in fact, exceeding expectations, the essay was ready in just 3 hours, well within the promised 4 hours and 30 minutes time frame. This punctuality coupled with high-quality workmanship reinforces the fact that Turbo Essay is not just about fast service but also about efficiency and maintaining high standards.

The essay was thoroughly checked for originality and quality before being delivered, and it was evident that the work was done by a top-level expert, not an AI. The paper’s authenticity and depth of insight confirmed that Turbo Essay’s promise of providing 100% original content is not merely a marketing gimmick.

Here is the essay we received. We sent it to our partner professor for grading. We will update the article once the grade is received. 

Based on this test run, AcademicHelp can confirm that Turbo Essay by Cheap Writing Service delivers on its promise of quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. 

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Seth Hodge June 8, 2023

Definitely intrigued by the pay-after-satisfaction model. It’s a clever way to build trust and ensure quality. Also, the commitment to non-AI content is comforting.

Harri Gamble June 3, 2023

Call me old-fashioned, but I still think it’s important for students to write their own papers. Not hating on Turbo Essay or any other writing service, just expressing a concern about what this could mean for academic learning.

Aliya Livingston May 30, 2023

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room. The problem with such services is not only about quality, but also about academic integrity.

Wilbur Hendrix May 23, 2023

As someone who frequently battles the clock on assignments, a 4-hour turnaround time sounds almost too good to be true. Still, Turbo Essay seems to have the formula down.

Philippa Roy May 20, 2023

I’m cautiously optimistic about this. Turbo Essay could be a game-changer if they really do deliver on all those promises. Definitely keeping an eye on it.


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