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Chinese millionaire fails to pass university entrance exams for 27th time
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In a tale of dogged determination and perseverance, Chinese tycoon Liang Shi makes headlines once again for his relentless pursuit of higher education. Despite his 27 failed attempts to pass the notoriously rigorous Chinese national college entrance examination, or Gaokao, Shi’s fervor to fulfill his academic dream remains unwavered. However, the recent results have left this resilient education enthusiast questioning whether to continue his almost four-decade-long academic odyssey.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Chinese millionaire Liang Shi remains committed to pursuing higher education despite 27 failed attempts at the Gaokao.
  • The Gaokao is seen as a make-or-break opportunity, shaping the lives of millions of students in China.
  • Liang’s journey underscores the challenges faced by adults in pursuing further studies and the importance of persistent effort.

A Chinese Millionaire’s Struggle

At the heart of this story is the commitment of Liang Shi, the persistent candidate, to pass the challenging Gaokao exams, seen as a make-or-break opportunity for many in China. Mr. Shi’s journey began in 1983 and continues, punctuated by a series of disappointments and momentary pauses. Despite his thriving business, his longing for tertiary education remains a constant pursuit.

According to the recent results, Shi’s score was 34 points shy of the minimum required to apply to any university. Expressing his disappointment to the local media, he said:

“I used to say ‘I just don’t believe I won’t make it’, but now I’m torn.”

His relentless attempts have turned him into a local media spectacle, earning him the moniker “the No.1 Gaokao holdout.”

He has largely abstained from personal pleasures such as drinking and playing mahjong to focus on studying, demonstrating his dedicated pursuit of knowledge. Despite his wealth and status as a prosperous entrepreneur, Shi firmly believes in the value of higher education.

“I think it’s such a pity if you don’t go to college, your life won’t be complete without higher education”

A Chinese Millionaire's Struggle
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Guide to Pursuing Higher Education as an Adult: Challenges and Solutions

While Shi’s journey is exceptional, the challenge of pursuing further studies as an adult is universal. The first barrier often comes from balancing work commitments and studies. Like Shi, who had to forgo the exams due to a busy working schedule at times, many adults find it hard to devote sufficient time to academics.

To tackle this, setting a consistent study schedule and exploring flexible learning options, such as part-time or online courses, can be beneficial. For example, many renowned institutions offer online courses that provide flexibility to working adults.

Moreover, overcoming the fear of returning to a learning environment after a gap can be intimidating. Adult learners should focus on their motivation for returning to school, whether it’s career advancement, personal enrichment, or, like Shi, the belief that life is incomplete without higher education.

To conclude, Liang Shi’s continuous attempts at the Gaokao, despite numerous setbacks, personify an unyielding spirit of perseverance. His journey also underscores the wider issue of the immense pressure and high stakes that the Chinese education system places on its aspirants.

Challenges of Pursuing Higher Education as an Adult Potential Solutions
Time management difficulties due to work and family commitments ⏱️Setting a consistent study schedule 📅
Difficulty maintaining focus and motivation 😞Regularly reminding oneself of the end goal and benefits of education 🎯
The intimidating nature of returning to a learning environment 🏫Seeking support groups, mentorship, or counseling 👥
Financial constraints 💵Exploring scholarship or financial aid options, or part-time study 💰
Balancing work, study, and personal commitments ⚖️Exploring flexible learning options, such as online or part-time courses 💻
Keeping up with new technologies and study methods 🖥️Utilizing online resources, tutorials, or enrolling in preparatory classes to improve tech skills 🌐

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