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Lancaster University Union Urges Halt on Turnitin Over Suspected False AI Detection

As stated by The Tab, the Lancaster University Student Union (SU) has appealed to the university administration to halt its use of Turnitin. The software, which is widely used for plagiarism detection in academic assignments, is accused of falsely detecting usage of AI, like ChatGPT, in student papers.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lancaster SU claims that the Turnitin software falsely detects the use of AI in student assignments, which could potentially lead to wrongful accusations of academic misconduct.
  • The SU has formally asked the university to cease using the software until its accuracy can be verified.
  • According to the SU, the inaccurate detections are causing undue stress and anxiety among students, affecting their academic performance.

The Lancaster SU has raised concerns over Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism software, stating that it inaccurately flags the usage of AI, particularly OpenAI’s GPT models, in student assignments. 

“It is worrying that students could potentially be accused of cheating for work they have genuinely done themselves.” 

SU spokesperson

The SU has formally requested the university to halt its use of Turnitin until the issues can be resolved. According to the SU, a fair and just academic environment can’t be maintained unless the accuracy of the software is ensured.

The Student’s Dilemma

The false detection by the software has created a state of unease among students, which is negatively impacting their academic performance. 

“Students are living under the constant fear of being falsely accused, causing them immense stress and anxiety.”

Lancaster SU is standing firm on its request, calling for an immediate halt in the use of the software, until the issues can be addressed and rectified.


The issue at hand highlights the possible drawbacks of relying heavily on AI-based software in academic settings. The controversy around Turnitin is causing distress among students and questioning the fairness of academic evaluations. Lancaster SU’s stance on the issue is a clear call for an immediate review of the situation. This could also inspire other universities to scrutinize the AI detection accuracy of such softwares, ensuring a fair and unbiased academic environment.

How to Analyze and Improve Your Writing Style to Avoid AI Detection

Regardless of the ongoing debate around AI detection, it is essential to enhance your writing skills to ensure originality. This section will guide you on how to analyze and improve your writing style to avoid AI detection.

Step 1: Understand Your Writing Style

Your writing style is unique to you and includes your choice of words, sentence structure, and tone of voice. Begin by analyzing your previous writings. Look for patterns, repeated words, sentence lengths, and your general writing flow.

Step 2: Use Diverse Vocabulary

AI often relies on patterns. By using a diverse vocabulary, you can avoid creating patterns in your writing that AI might pick up. Use synonyms wisely and don’t shy away from using words that are less common.

Step 3: Vary Your Sentence Structure

AI algorithms also look for sentence structure patterns. Varying your sentence length and structure can make your writing less predictable and thus less likely to be flagged by AI detection software.

Step 4: Refer to Multiple Sources

When writing an assignment, make sure to reference multiple sources. This not only enriches your content but also adds a level of complexity to your writing, making it harder for AI to detect patterns.

Step 5: Manual Proofreading

Lastly, always proofread your work manually. Automated proofreading tools might miss nuances that you, as the writer, can identify. This step is crucial in maintaining your unique voice and preventing potential AI detection.

By following these steps, you can improve your writing style, avoid AI detection, and above all, ensure that your work remains original and unique.

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