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Hi everyone!

super ShakespeareFor sure, you’ve studied Shakespeare in high school and/or college. Shakespeare here, Shakespeare there, Shakespeare said this, Shakespeare wrote that, and so on. I bet you’re tired of Shakespeare. You might think Shakespeare was a boring guy who only wrote plays and founded theaters now and then. However, there are some fun facts about him and after learning about them, you might change your attitude about this extraordinary man.

1. Shakespeare was born into a quite rebellious family. William Arden, one of Shakespeare’s relatives on his mother’s side, was arrested and executed for plotting against Queen Elizabeth I.

2. Despite strict religious traditions in England, Shakespeare’s daughter Susanna was conceived before marriage. Anne Hathaway (not the actress, but the poet’s first wife) was 26 years old and three-months pregnant when she married Shakespeare.

3. The years between 1585 and 1592 are a complete mystery to even Shakespeare’s biographers. What he was doing during this period is unknown.

4. One of Shakespeare’s father’s jobs was to drink beer. He literally received money for drinking beer in a pub. The job was called an “ale tester,” meaning that his duty was to inspect the quality of bread and malt liquors.

5. None of Shakespeare’s original manuscripts exist.

6. And sadly, Shakespeare had no descendants. All of his children died childless.

7. Shakespeare was not known as a poet and playwright back in his hometown, Stratford. There he was considered a respectable businessman and landlord.

Someday I will continue this topic—Shakespeare was a prominent and extraordinary figure, and his life was full of adventures and misfortunes that people rarely learn about in schools. Stay updated!

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