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Hi everyone!

young lady at job interviewRegardless of whether you are a teenager seeking a part-time job, or a college graduate in search of your first serious job, there is one great obstacle you will need to bear. This obstacle is a job interview. Although many people (including myself) tend to feel nervous whenever they face the prospect to be interviewed about their professional skills, there is actually nothing special about it. Let’s take a look if there are ways to increase your chances to successfully pass a job interview, and make it less stressful and dreaded.

1. Do some research about the company in advance. Browse media and social networks to find out what the company does exactly, what are its priorities, and so on. Moreover, do the same for the position you are applying for, because your potential employer would hate to learn that you have little-to-no idea about what you are going to do.

2. Search the Web to learn about the most tricky job interview questions HR managers like to ask candidates. I don’t know why they do it, perhaps to test your wit, or something. But anyways, do it, and think about what you could answer to these questions. Also, prepare approximate answers to questions you feel might be difficult for you. The best impromptu is a thorough preparation, as the saying goes.

3. Prepare a copy of your resume and take it to the interview with you.

4. Even if you are applying to a company with a Rastafarian CEO and super-relaxed employees, dress properly. By properly I mean a suit, tie, and so on. I know, this is debated, and the trend in many young companies today is to be unofficial and easygoing, but remember that you are not a part of the team yet. The next day after you are hired, you can do whatever you want (within corporate etiquette, of course)—but before this, do be official.

5. Always try to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than arranged. It is better to wait at the door than to rush from one end of a city to another. Besides, you will have some extra time to collect your thoughts, mentally prepare for the interview, go the bathroom if you need to, drink some water, etc.

6. By the way, speaking of mental preparation, if you feel nervous, make several deep inhales and exhales. This will ventilate your lungs and saturate your blood with oxygen; also, deep breathing works as a sort of massage for internal organs—this will help you get rid of excessive muscular tension.

7. You don’t need to fire out brilliant answers the same second as the interviewer asks you something. If you feel like you need to gather your thoughts, don’t be afraid to make a small pause. Take a sip of water, a deep breath. It’s better to think twice rather than say something stupid.

8. Be honest, both in your resume and during the interview. Interviewers are professionals who can easily figure out if you are lying, so it’s better to not lie at all.

I think that’s it. These basic recommendations will help you feel more confident before and during the interview, and hopefully land you the job of your dreams. Enjoy!

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