This month: Prominent leaders in the technology sector shared their perspectives on the evolving landscape of tech careers. Still, as the job market remains challenging, many individuals are considering alternative education routes. That’s why recent graduates started weighing the pros and cons of pursuing a master’s degree versus entering the job market immediately. Fresh graduates are also facing difficulties in salary negotiations. Many are finding that entry-level salaries are not meeting their expectations or the cost of living.

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Industry Leaders Share Their Insights on Tech Careers in an Evolving Landscape

01 Jun ’23

Industry Leaders Share Their Insights on Tech Careers in an Evolving Landscape

Prominent figures in the technology sector have shared crucial insights on navigating tech careers amidst a constantly evolving landscape. 

They emphasize the importance of adaptability and continuous learning as technology rapidly advances. Building a strong network, specializing in niche areas, and honing problem-solving skills were highlighted as vital for success in the tech industry. These insights come at a time when the technology sector is experiencing significant growth and offers diverse career opportunities, making it essential for professionals to remain up-to-date and adaptable to thrive.

Is the Bootcamp Route Still Viable To Start A Tech Career in a Challenging Job Market?

08 Jun ’23

Is the Bootcamp Route Still Viable To Start A Tech Career in a Challenging Job Market?

In response to a challenging job market, many individuals are turning to bootcamps as an alternative education route

Bootcamps, known for their intensive short-term programs that focus on practical skills, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to prepare participants quickly for in-demand roles. Many bootcamp graduates have reported positive outcomes, securing employment shortly after completion. This trend signifies a shift in education preferences, as job seekers look for more efficient and practical ways to enhance their skills and employability.

Master’s Degree or Job Market – A Graduate Is Weighing Up the Options?

14 Jun ’23

Master’s Degree or Job Market – A Graduate Is Weighing Up the Options?

Recent graduates are facing a critical decision: whether to pursue a master’s degree or dive straight into the job market. Both options have their pros and cons. 

A master’s degree can provide specialized knowledge and potentially lead to higher earning potential, while entering the job market offers practical experience and opportunities for career progression. Experts advise graduates to carefully assess their career goals, financial situation, and personal circumstances before making this pivotal decision. The choice between further education and immediate employment continues to be a central consideration for graduates in an ever-changing job market.

Fresh Grads Encounter Challenges in Salary Negotiations

27 Jun ’23

Fresh Grads try to negotiate salary

Fresh graduates are encountering difficulties when it comes to salary negotiations. Many have found that the salaries offered for entry-level positions do not meet their expectations or keep up with the cost of living. 

This has sparked conversations around the need for greater transparency in salary structures, as well as training in negotiation skills for recent graduates. Moreover, experts suggest that graduates should research market rates for their fields to be better prepared for discussions on remuneration. This issue highlights the broader challenge of ensuring that new entrants to the workforce are equipped with the knowledge and skills to advocate for fair compensation.

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