This month: A recent article tackled commonly used phrases at the workplace that could potentially harm one’s professional image. Misunderstandings can occur so clarity and precision in language are advised to be followed. Another piece shared useful advice about the do’s and don’ts when crafting a resume in 2023, highlighting the importance of customization, relevance, and accuracy. For fresh graduates, there was also a detailed guide providing key tips to smoothly transition from a post-graduation break to job searching. Lastly, the benefits and drawbacks of high-paying but potentially monotonous jobs were explored. These positions may not provide job satisfaction and could lead to burnout.

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If you are not into reading the news but still want to stay updated on the latest trends in the job market, A*Help got you covered. We collect all the juiciest and most discussed topics to form a monthly digest to keep you posted on what’s happening in the career world. We are determined to give you the most valuable pieces so you don’t waste your time on irrelevant information. On top of that, this news summary can be useful in showing you what job opportunities will be better to seek in nearest future. 

10 Confusing Workplace Phrases That Could Damage Your Professional Image

July 2, 2023

10 Confusing Workplace Phrases That Could Damage Your Professional Image

Miscommunication and unclear language can pose severe obstacles in a professional environment, and inadvertently damage your professional image. A recent article shed light on ten commonly used yet potentially confusing workplace phrases.

The phrases include “Let’s take this offline,” “low-hanging fruit,” “boil the ocean,” and “synergy,” among others. While they may seem harmless, these phrases can lead to misunderstandings and confuse non-native English speakers. For clear and effective communication, experts suggest using simple, direct language and avoiding buzzwords and jargon. They also advise clarifying the meaning of phrases if someone seems puzzled, thus promoting inclusivity and respect in the workspace.

Resume Do’s and Don’ts Tips in 2023

July 11, 2023

Resume Do’s and Don’ts Tips in 2023

The job market continues to evolve, and so do the best practices for crafting an effective resume. A recent piece provides an updated guide for resume writing in 2023. It emphasizes that potential employers look for concise and relevant information rather than lengthy texts.

Among the recommendations are to use a professional email address, include relevant keywords from the job description, and customize the resume for each application. It also suggests removing references unless asked for, avoiding generic phrases like ‘hardworking,’ and not including personal information such as age or marital status. Additionally, the article advocates for proofreading and a neat, professional layout to leave a good impression on recruiters.

July 16, 2023

Key Tips to Successfully Transition from Post-Grad Break to Job Search

Graduates are often faced with the challenge of transitioning from an academic environment or post-grad break to the job market. However, there’s some practical advice for a smooth transition.

The tips include: starting the job search process early to avoid rush decisions, assessing one’s career interests and potential industries, and utilizing networking opportunities to gain insights into the job market. Utilizing career counselling services available at most universities was also recommended, alongside building a robust digital presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, and investing in personal development through relevant courses and certifications. The overarching theme is to be proactive, patient, and strategic during this pivotal phase.

High-Paying Yet Boring Jobs: A Hidden Gem or A Nightmare?

July 29, 2023

High-Paying Yet Boring Jobs: A Hidden Gem or A Nightmare?

High-paying jobs that are perceived as “boring” by some, are being reevaluated in the light of the current job market trends. Recently, the question of whether these jobs are a hidden gem or a nightmare for prospective job seekers was explored.

These roles, often in fields such as accounting, data analysis, or law, are characterized by repetitive tasks and a lack of creative outlets but offer significant financial compensation. The reports suggest that these jobs can be a perfect fit for individuals who prioritize financial stability and prefer a structured work environment. However, the importance of job satisfaction and work-life balance was also emphasised, suggesting that a high salary should not be the only determinant when choosing a job.


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