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In the world of Computer Engineering, the journey from graduation to employment is often fraught with challenges. One such story is that of a graduate, whom we’ll refer to as Alex, who shared his struggles and triumphs on a popular social media platform.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The job market for computer engineering graduates can be challenging, especially for those without internship experience.
  • Persistence and adaptability are key to overcoming job search obstacles.
  • Leveraging resources such as security clearances and online platforms can open up new opportunities.
  • Soft skills and practical project experience can be as important as technical skills in securing a job.

Alex graduated from a prestigious university with a Computer Engineering degree. Despite his academic achievements, he found himself jobless for over a year, which he attributed to his lack of internship experience. His journey took a hopeful turn when he was considered for a position with a defense contractor, only to have the opportunity dissolve due to external circumstances. This series of unfortunate events led Alex to the point of despair and self-doubt.

Turning Point: The Power of Community Advice

In response to Alex’s post, several individuals offered advice and encouragement. One person suggested that if Alex had trouble focusing on projects, he could follow along with video series that guide viewers through creating a project from start to finish. The individual noted that this approach helps in learning and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Another person pointed out the value of Alex’s security clearance, advising him to apply to companies contracting with the Department of Defense. With a security clearance, it’s hard to believe he won’t be hired somewhere, they assured.

A third person recommended exploring Replit bounties, a platform that combines a web-browser-based IDE, a collaboration platform, and a social media platform for computer programming. 

“Working on these bounties could not only help you learn but also connect and network with others in the field.”

The Importance of Soft Skills and Adaptability

One individual emphasized the importance of soft skills and practical project experience over technical skills. They advised Alex to stop focusing solely on technical problems and instead work on improving his interview skills and project portfolio. Being able to explain your work effectively can sometimes help you skip tech interviews entirely, they shared from personal experience.

“People tend to forget this soft skill is the most important thing in an interview and can help you skip tech interviews entirely. At my current job, I skipped 2 rounds, at the one before that I skipped 3. Learn social skills and spend time creating something great that people want to use.”

Another person, working in an adjacent field, provided a broader perspective on the current job market. They highlighted the challenges but also the opportunities that lay ahead. It’s a great time to have your skill set, but the best role to settle into could be 18-24 months away. Keep trying and take what you can get, for now, they advised.


Alex’s story is a testament to the challenges many computer engineering graduates face. However, it also highlights the power of community, adaptability, and resilience. By leveraging his security clearance, focusing on practical project experience, and improving his soft skills, Alex can increase his chances of securing a job. His journey serves as a reminder that the path to success is often non-linear and that persistence and adaptability are key.

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