As language learning becomes increasingly popular in our interconnected world, online platforms such as iTalki and Preply have gained widespread attention. However, user experiences on these platforms can differ significantly, leading to a spirited debate among language learners. In this article, we explore various perspectives on these platforms and discuss other potential options for those looking to master a new language.

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Language Learning Showdown: iTalki, Preply, and Beyond

Key Takeaways:

  • As language learning gains popularity, platforms like iTalki and Preply have become leading resources. However, user experiences vary, emphasizing the need for personal exploration and assessment.
  • Trial lessons are a valuable tool for assessing platform suitability. They provide firsthand experience of the platform’s offerings and help determine if it aligns with the learner’s needs.
  • Positive experiences on platforms like iTalki often hinge on tutor reliability. Issues such as tardiness or frequent cancellations can negatively impact the learning experience, prompting some users to switch tutors or platforms.

The Pros and Cons of iTalki and Preply

Many language learners, when faced with challenges on iTalki, turn to alternative platforms such as Preply. Both platforms offer unique features, and comparing Preply or iTalki helps learners find the option that best suits their language learning goals.

Positive experiences on iTalki are often characterized by seamless interactions with tutors and minimal cancellations. Users have reported successful language acquisition in German, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and ASL, amongst others, with the platform facilitating over 50 lessons for some. Communication is a strong suit of iTalki, with tutors generally providing advance notice for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

When to Call it Quits?

However, not all experiences are flawless. Some users have cited recurrent tardiness from tutors as a reason for discontinuing lessons. It’s crucial to remember that the effectiveness of a language learning platform also hinges on the reliability of its tutors.

Yet, even after engaging with multiple tutors on a platform like iTalki and finding several that are exceptional, individuals might still face challenges. For instance, a favorite tutor might switch platforms, leaving the learner in a dilemma. Should they follow the tutor to the new platform or continue on their current one?

Exploring Payment Models: Direct Payments and Monthly Subscriptions

Users who have encountered repeated disappointments with both iTalki and Preply have found success with a direct payment model. This involves bypassing the platform’s payment system and compensating the tutor directly. This model offers more flexibility in scheduling and payment structure and can be a viable alternative for those frustrated with platform restrictions.

On the other hand, platforms like Preply offer a monthly subscription model. Although some users find this restrictive, others appreciate the convenience and predictability of a regular payment schedule. A user’s preference between these two payment models often depends on their specific needs and circumstances.

Other Platforms: The Fiverr Alternative

Fiverr is another platform where language tutors and learners can connect. Many Fiverr users take their side gigs seriously, and some even work exclusively on the platform. If you’re seeking a more personalized language learning experience, Fiverr might be worth considering.

The Personal Quest for the Perfect Platform

In the end, choosing the right language learning platform is a deeply personal decision. It depends on individual learning styles, preferences, and experiences. With a vast array of options including iTalki, Preply, and Fiverr, it’s crucial to explore different platforms to find the one that best supports your language learning journey. Remember, the goal is to make the process of language acquisition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Happy language learning!


Why are people looking for alternatives to iTalki?

Some users have experienced an increase in last-minute teacher cancellations on iTalki, which has led to frustration and a search for alternative language learning platforms.

What are some alternative platforms to iTalki?

Here are some platforms suggested by users as alternatives to iTalki:

  • It offers a wide range of tutors, and you can book a trial lesson to test the platform.
  • Verbling: Another platform where you can find language tutors.
  • AmazingTalker: A platform worth considering for finding language tutors.
  • TakeLessons: It provides opportunities to find language teachers and has been recommended by some users.
  • Fiverr: Some tutors offer language learning services on this platform.

Are there any other recommendations or tips for finding reliable language tutors?

Certainly, there are several strategies that might assist in locating dependable language tutors. First of all, prior to selecting a tutor, it could be beneficial to peruse their ratings and feedback from past students. A high student-to-lesson ratio might serve as a good indicator of a tutor’s dependability as well. Before initiating lessons, it’s advisable to communicate your personal goals and learning style to prospective tutors. Moreover, if you experience frequent cancellations or unprofessional conduct from a tutor, it might be worth contemplating a request for a refund, or exploring other tutor options.

Is it worth trying other language learning platforms if iTalki has been reliable for me?

While some users have reported negative experiences, many others have had positive experiences with iTalki. If you have been satisfied with iTalki so far, it may be worth continuing to use the platform. However, if you encounter any issues, you can explore other alternatives mentioned above.

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