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Hi everyone!

“Know thyself,” Socrates said. If he only gave us a hint about how to do it, life would be a more meaningful and fulfilling experience for generations of people all over the world. However, until the rise of modern psychology, the only way people could learn about themselves (given that they wanted to) was either to pray for God’s sign, or meditate.

Things have changed, however, since Sigmund Freud and his successors paved the way into the depths of the human mind, and nowadays learning something new about yourself is much easier—not in the last turn due to a variety of psychological tests aimed at revealing details about your personality, skills, and so on.

These tests are mostly junk designed for entertainment, but some of them are surprisingly accurate, detailed, and professional. Below, I’ve gathered five of the most interesting psychological tests that can help you understand yourself better, so you can steer yourself in the right direction in your career.

  1. Career Personality & Aptitude Test (For students)
    This is a vast and complex test consisting of more than 250 questions aimed at helping you realize which career options would suit your personality traits the best. It took me a while to answer all of the questions, but I was pleased with the results.
  2. Lüscher Colour Test
    Although it is seemingly simple and can be completed in no time, it is a surprisingly-powerful tool for determining your current psycho-emotional condition.
  3. Success Orientation Test
    This is more like a fun test rather than something serious, but as with other psychological tests, the results can be rather illustrative.
  4. Remote Association Test
    It helps you figure out your creative potential based on your ability to make associations. Quite a challenging task!
  5. The Big Five Personality Test
    Well, this is the ultimate personality test for everyone. Enough said.


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