Meditation for Writing

By Bhalachandra Sahaj

girl meditating with lotus flowersHaving a clear mind is essential when writing. When you have a clear mind, inspiration and introspection can come through with potency. If you have a clouded mind, your writing will be muddled with thoughts of the past and future, making our main idea(s) unclear when writing.

Meditation is not something you need to do on top of a mountain or in a meadow, or a form of intellectual activity. In fact, it is being thoughtless and aware, which translates to being in the present moment. To be a great writer, one needs to be in the present moment, as writing takes significant focus and a clarity of ideas.

I would personally recommend this site for learning how to meditate: It is has a free online course one can complete, loads of meditation music, forums, and articles on meditation. The best thing is it’s free.

Try meditating before you write. It could be only for 5-10 minutes. What is important is to have a clear, peaceful mind before writing, so your inspiration can pour through onto the page. Besides meditation being good for preparing to write, it is also a great way to be healthier, more balanced emotionally, and to feel peace in general.

If you integrate meditation in your life, not only will your writing improve, but also your life overall. The only requirement is you give some time to it, as all it requires is yourself and your attention. If you meditate daily, the benefits of meditation will show even more prominently.

I have experienced a drastic increase in my inspiration since I have been meditating—and it only grows with more time practicing meditation. I wish you the same in your meditation and writing journey.


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