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One of my friends often repeats that the most difficult question in any debate is, “So what?” In fact, he has proven the effectiveness of this claim in practice numerous times, making his opponents angry when they show their inability to break through this simple question.

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In fact, this question is one of the most essential queries among those that a writer should be asking themselves regularly. Why? I guess the answer is simple: if you are a writer, you want your writing to be read (with awe and interest). The trick is that regardless of whether you write an academic paper or a narrative story, simply because you are writing a composition doesn’t mean somebody will be glad to read it. Sad but true: from a utilitarian point of view, your thoughts have no substantial value for others. The good news is you can fix that.

The key reason why somebody reads your writing (given that they are not your college professor) is that they hope to get something from it: new knowledge, another perspective, answers, needed data, refutation or confirmation of their own opinion, and so on. So, if you want to be a popular writer, you must ask yourself, “Why does what I write matter?” For them, of course, not for you.

Starting from statuses on Facebook and ending up with novels, you must keep the interests of your audience in your mind. It does not mean writing about what they want to hear, but rather being able to explain why your writing is so important for them personally. This is one of the reasons why magazines for men or women are so popular. They often communicate with their readers on a personal level. Instead of claiming, “Men need to eat this to be better at sex,” they write, “10 products that will make you a sex giant.” The difference is obvious: magazines state why reading an article about vegetables, for instance, is of interest for a selected audience.

So, if you want to make your writing more interesting, start with focusing on why your audience needs to know something, not on the subject itself.

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