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Hi everyone!

seven samuraiIt’s almost the end of November, and personally for me this is always the time when I feel like I am totally running out of ideas, shutting my activities down, and hibernating. I bet many of you feel the same way at the moment. During periods like this, we all need some boost for our brains to stay afloat and to be able to produce creative ideas. Movies, in my opinion, are among the best ways of maintaining such a productivity. So, I would like to recommend you some of the movies that inspire me and increase my mood.

1. Interstellar.

Though this is recent film, it has already become one of my favorite movies. I’ve watched it twice, and though I didn’t find it so “mind-bending” as people around like to say (in fact, some of the ideas from Interstellar have already been exploited multiple times), its scientific and dramatic parts combine perfectly to form an incredible and somewhat tragic story about family bonds, courage, and the eternal spirit of discovery that leads humankind forward.

2. Mr. Nobody.

Well, this one is really mind-bending. The movie is an interview of the last mortal person on Earth—interviewed by an already immortal journalist. Asked about his life, the main character starts recalling everything that had happened to him, and describes three parallel and independent life stories. It is not clear which of them is true (and is there truth in his words at all?), and as the plot develops, the movie keeps pushing you to answer a simple question: what if I acted differently back then?

3. 12 Angry Men.

How often have you had to stand your ground against the prevailing opinion of the majority? How often did you refuse to conform, knowing you are right and everybody else around you is wrong? How much courage does it take to be one against all? This movie is about this:

4. Seven Samurai.

A seemingly simple story by Akira Kurosawa suddenly turns out to be much deeper and dramatic. A samurai is hired by peasants to protect their village from bandits. All the peasants can offer him is food and a place to sleep. He agrees, however, and finds six other samurai to help him in this quest. Honor, dignity, and readiness to fulfill one’s duty no matter what it is—this, and many other problems are raised by the author in this classic Japanese movie.

5. Braveheart.

Well, if this one is not inspiring, then I don’t know what the word “inspiring” means. A little bit naive (in a good meaning of this word), but a strongly dramatic Hollywood biographical movie about one of the most famous men in history: William Wallace, the leader of the Scottish rebellions who fought against England at the end of 13th century. If you’ve never heard Mel Gibson’s character’s cry “Freeeeeeeeedom!” you don’t know what greatness and drama is.

Well, here is a short list for you to watch for inspiration during this last week of autumn. Enjoy!

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