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Hi everyone!

screenshot of quoraDid you ever think about how your parents, or even grandparents, studied when they were your age, without the Internet, Xerox machines, smartphones, Wikipedia, and so on? I guess they had to pay more attention to what and how they did, and memorize everything, because they did not have an iPhone to quickly look up info when they needed it. Besides, their friends and teachers were not necessarily easy to contact.

Nowadays, however, studying has become easier, in particular because you can always get an answer to a question at anytime. All you need is a smartphone or computer, plus a Quora account. Trust me, there are no objective reasons not to be registered on Quora—it’s a treasury of knowledge.

Quora is a community of experts who share knowledge from their different fields of expertise with other users. These users, in their turn, also know something, and are ready to explain what they are competent in. All you need to do is to ask a question.

For example, I am a person competent in writing and editing, but ignorant about, for example, astronomy. So, I open Quora, type in my question, specify areas this question refers to (for example, xenobiology, exoplanets, deep space), and post it. People who have specified astronomy in their fields of interest will see my question and answer it. In my turn, I will do the same for questions related to writing stories, editing novels, and so on.

Each question can be answered multiple times, so the amount of information you can get related to your inquiry is amazing.

You can definitely use Quora to improve your writing. How? Find and follow people whose answers to questions about writing seem to be the most adequate and full, in your opinion. Join communities dedicated to your fields of interest—on Quora, they can be both general (like “Writing”) and specific (something like “Peculiarities of composing poems in Devonshire in the 19th century”). Don’t hesitate to ask questions; you can ask for clarification, explanation, analysis, advice, recommendation—you can ask anything, and your question will not remain unanswered.


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