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how to self publish a book

Today, I would like to talk about getting one’s writing published. I think I already said it, but completing a book is barely one-third of the work done. Editing is 20 percent more, and the other half is for publishing. I guess many of you who tried to submit their writing to different publishing houses know how difficult it is to get noticed.

Whenever you send your manuscript, it’s almost always a rejection, and being rejected multiple times is rather discouraging. As an alternative, literary contests might be considered—at least those that promise to publish your writing (if you win, of course). At the same time, there is yet another alternative to the regular ways of getting published—I am talking about self-publishing.

The easiest way to do this is starting your own blog or a website, where you can upload your writing. This approach has a number of its own advantages, but requires serious effort in terms of promotion. Another option is e-publishing, which means creating electronic books in such popular formats as epub, mobi, pdf, azw, and so on. This is cheaper, easier (due to a solid amount of software allowing to create electronic books), and thus remains one of the most popular options among self-publishers.

Yet another (and perhaps the easiest) option is to use one of the numerous self-publishing services. Below are links to my favorite platforms:

1. MagCloud

Good for authors working on a series of stories/novels/articles, photographers, designers, and illustrators. MagCloud also allows authors to communicate with readers freely, and has great cross-platform compatibility.

2. Lulu

I call Lulu the platform for lazies, because it’s so good that it almost does all the work for the author. I strongly recommend it.

3. Xlibris

If you are a good writer, but have no idea about marketing, publishing plans, and so on, let Xlibris do the job for you. This service develops marketing and publishing plans for authors, whereas all the rights remain in the writer’s possession.

In a world where regular publishing has turned into a global industry with intense competition, self-publishing is an option for talented writers who don’t want to deal with the whole publishing machine.

Good luck, and stay updated!

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