If you find yourself in State College during the end of this summer, flying solo and wondering how to make the most of your time, you’re in luck! The relaxed vibe, gorgeous weather, and reduced crowds make for an experience that can be as exciting as a football weekend, yet uniquely serene.

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Key Takeaways

  • State College is a different kind of playground in the summer, with its calm atmosphere and sparse crowds.
  • Building connections with other summer students or interns can result in new friendships and enriching experiences.
  • Making use of outdoor activities, local events, and self-enriching hobbies can create a fulfilling and memorable summer.

One of the major attractions of spending summer in State College is the less crowded, more relaxed atmosphere. The bustling university town transforms into a tranquil haven, offering a unique perspective of life in State College. The usual rush of students at local stores and restaurants subsides, allowing you to enjoy your shopping and dining experiences without the usual hustle and bustle.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Have Fun During Summer Even if You are Living Alone: State College Edition
Image: unsplash.com

There’s no better time to enjoy State College’s natural beauty than during the warm summer months. The numerous hiking and biking trails around the area beckon for exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or a newbie nature lover, these trails offer an opportunity to connect with nature while getting in some exercise. Riding a bike around campus and the downtown area is another popular summer activity that blends fun and fitness.

Engage with the Community

Summer in State College is the perfect time to participate in local events and explore the town’s gems. For example, the WingsFest at Penns Cave is a summer must-attend. In addition, the State Theatre often hosts shows and movies, perfect for those quieter summer evenings. Frequenting local spots like Webster’s – a unique bookstore-coffee shop combo with a vinyl collection – can lead to many interesting encounters and potential friendships.

For the fitness enthusiasts, the Intramural (IM) Building is usually open during the summer. Participate in pickup basketball games or take advantage of the gym facilities to maintain your fitness routine.

Discover New Corners

If you’re keen on exploring the area, consider a pleasant walk or cycling trip from Boalsburg to Park Forest Village, Lemont to Toftrees, or Musser Gap to Fisherman’s Paradise, eventually reaching Bellefonte. This can be a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of the valley and see your surroundings from a different perspective.

Having a solitary summer in State College is not a sentence to boredom. Rather, it’s an opportunity to experience a different, calmer side of the town, build deeper relationships, and create memorable experiences. So, embrace the tranquility, explore the outdoor activities, and indulge in the local culture to make the most of your summer in State College.

Lessons Learned from Living Alone in State College

While living alone can seem like a big leap, especially if it’s your first time, it can also be an exciting opportunity to grow and discover more about yourself.

Self-Discovery through Solitude

Having the freedom to set your own schedule, make your own decisions, and establish your own routines can lead to significant personal growth. You may find yourself developing new hobbies, exploring uncharted interests, and finding joy in the smaller, simpler aspects of life. For instance, you might discover a passion for cooking or photography as you explore the beautiful State College landscapes.

Building Resilience

Living alone, especially in a college town like State College, can teach you the value of resilience. You’ll need to deal with various challenges – from handling daily chores and managing your expenses to balancing work and leisure. As you navigate through these challenges, you’ll build resilience and resourcefulness, skills that will serve you well beyond your summer in State College.

Cultivating Self-Reliance

Without roommates or classmates nearby, you’ll have to learn to rely on yourself more. This might mean learning to fix minor household issues, managing your time efficiently, or even learning to enjoy your own company. As daunting as this may seem at first, cultivating self-reliance is a valuable skill that you’ll appreciate in the long run.

Connecting with Others

Just because you’re living alone doesn’t mean you’re alone. Living alone can give you the chance to establish deeper connections with the people around you. Whether it’s fellow summer students, co-interns, or local residents, these interactions can lead to meaningful relationships and a richer understanding of the community you’re living in.


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