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Hi everyone!

college girl not caring about TVToday is a great day for all those who strive for a guiding light, because today I am going to share some studying habits every student should seek to develop and keep in order to consistently receive good grades. This is not rocket science, so keep your eyes wide open and imbibe the following wisdom.

1. One of the most frequent reasons why students do not get the best possible grades in class is that they are not quite familiar with the expectations for it. Usually, different teachers and professors have their own vision of what students should or should not do and how they should accomplish different assignments, and so on. Although taking notes and attending classes is fine, you should also make sure to make yourself familiar with your instructor’s expectations so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Figure out when you are full of energy, and in which places you feel most productive. Time and place is crucial for studying: you cannot hope to study well in a chaotic/distracting environment, fueling yourself with gallons of coffee to overcome sleepiness.

3. Plan accordingly. The majority of successful students do not just study now and then; on the contrary, they usually have detailed plans of what and when they are going to study, what material they want to work with, where to get a specific resource, and so on. Sporadic studying is a direct way to mediocrity (or worse); if you truly want to get an A+ all the time, organize your studying.

4. Moreover, it is not enough to set up a schedule, and when the time comes, simply sit with a book and try to figure out what to do next. Each studying session, so to say, should have a specific goal. Need to write an essay? Then divide the essay-writing process into logical blocks (like researching, drafting, proofreading), and work on them each time your studying time comes. The same refers to other types of assignments, be it reading, learning something by heart, researching, and so on. This is the only way you can maintain control over your studying process.

5. Do not be a hermit. You have a mouth, you can talk—so go and communicate with your teachers. Ask them questions about class, request clarifications, express your opinion (when allowed). Teachers like when students are interested in what they learn.

These recommendations are not classified, or something. They are pretty simple—but efficiency often goes hand-by-hand with simplicity. Good luck!

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