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Human resources used to deal with a lot more phone calls and person-to-person interaction, but nowadays, this field has grown more into writing. This is largely because of the presence of emails, texting, and online advertising.

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1. Technology is bursting

The more technology becomes prevalent, the more writing is used. Typing messages to others is preferred now over phone calls and face-to-face meetings. It is faster and sometimes more efficient communication. You will have to learn how to write in a personable way through your emails, newsletters, and more.

2. The more skilled you are in writing, the better

If you want to be higher placed in your office, being good at writing is key. In order to be a great HR manager or consultant, you need to be extremely proficient in writing. Not only is being skilled at writing seen as an asset to leadership, but also important when you are the face of a company.

3. Writing means intelligence

If you are a solid writer, your boss will take notice, and so will the rest of your colleagues. Being a skilled writer means you are known to be smart and professional. Do you remember ever having a boss who couldn’t spell correctly or write properly? No, because all leaders and professionals have to be an example to other employees.

4. Accuracy in communication

When one is working in HR, you have to be accurate in the information you send. If you are misspelling words, using incorrect grammar, and phrasing your sentences strangely, the people receiving your information will be confused and might even disregard you. Also, details are super important for HR employees. If you leave out certain details or cannot express them properly, then your communication will not be accurate. Part of a writer’s job is to make sure everything is consistent within documents and to ensure that communication is crystal clear.

Bad example of a business letter with comments [in brackets]

Yo Mila, [It is good to remain formal in business letters, even if you know the person well]

How about you send info to me project Renaissance [Not only is this written in a demanding tone, it is missing a word]. Michael told me to work on it [The writer should have been more clear about what the work would be about]. If you could send it by the end of today that would be fabuloso [Again, informal language was used, and could be seen as demeaning].

See ya later, [This is not a proper ending phrase. Better is “Sincerely” or “Best regards.”]

N [Use your full name or at least the full written form of your first name.]

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