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Writers are looked upon in the majority of societies as mysterious, elusive, and reclusive. They are supposed to be involved in drugs and alcohol, like to be alone, and talk in an airy way. However, this type of writer is rare in actuality. We think of writers like this because films and books often portray writers in this light, romanticizing them.

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Above all, I think being a writer is a practical thing. Also, being a writer is not a personality type: it means that you write often (preferably every day). Sure, if you write poetry or fiction every day (or both) you might become a more sensitive person, and want your own space in order to not get distracted. But for the most of us, writing is a practical skill we need in each profession and lifestyle we choose.

Some of you reading this might think that this is a weird idea. Like, why would plumbers need to be good writers? Well, the reality is that we all need to know how to write letters of complaint to companies that give us bad customer service, we need to know how to write to someone we care about (on birthdays, funerals, parties in general), we need to know how to write to government bodies if we want to protest something or want something fixed, and we need to know how to put together a great resume and letter of recommendation. These are only a few practical examples.

Writing helps us get by in this grand world of communication. If we cannot express ourselves clearly and eloquently through writing, then we cannot get what we need in troubling times. Also, we need writing to paint a picture of ourselves as a person of respect for outer society. If you can write well, your respect and needs will be attained. Therefore, we have created a new section of our blog especially for those who want great careers and to be important citizens of their society.

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