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Hi everyone!

cartoon about short storiesI would like to dedicate today’s post to young and amateur writers who are about to start walking the exciting path of authorship. To start, I am going to make this post about writing short stories. Although it might seem simple—because the volume is not too big, usually—writing a short story is a challenging task. Therefore, it is important to have guidelines, following which you might craft a decent piece of writing.

The process of writing a short story consists of several steps:

  1. You must realize what kind of conflict, or situation requiring a solution, will be the basis of your short story. A short story without conflict is boring, because nothing happens in it. So, prior to writing, you must develop the general vision of the plot.
  2. Think about the setting your story might take place in.
  3. Create the main characters. To me, this is usually the most interesting part of the process. Commonly, I create a separate file for each character; in these files, I describe their backgrounds, family circumstances, possible psychological traumas or events that influenced them in the past, their occupations, marital status, and so on.
  4. Create a plan of events. Decide on how many chapters your story will approximately have, and write a brief plan of events for each of the chapters. This way, you will see the general picture, and will not lose the storyline.
  5. Write the story, covering each of the points you mentioned in the chapter plan.
  6. After you finish writing the story, put it aside for a while. You need to cool down before you start editing it. A couple of weeks is usually enough to start seeing your writing objectively. Proofread the story for mistakes, and edit the parts what sound unnatural or bad.

This is basically it. Remember that following these steps does not automatically guarantee writing a decent short story; these steps are guidelines for you to apply your creative energy to.


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