Obviously, YouTube is pivotal in sharing videos all around the world. It has rightfully taken over the entertainment medium from traditional television. Little do many know, however, that it has a huge educational value: manuals, guides, and common problems solved in a few clicks after lengthy introductions. Few people acknowledge how the abundance of illustrative material students nowadays use straight from the Internet.

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However, among all the channels around, it’s hard to find a good one that would offer a great value along with high-quality production. Luckily for you, we’ve been able to find one of the best. And so without further ado, meet Ana Mascara. Her channel is dedicated specifically to solving student problems and social issues, making learning easier and generating daily motivation. It’s suited for old and young students alike. Each video is saturated with real experiences of people who have to face academia on a daily basis.

By subscribing to this awesome channel, you will know how to:

1. Learn on the Fly

Field reports from passing tests and preparing for them in advance, efficient book processing, scoring high with the right approach—the channel is full of useful tips on how to learn efficiently in the busy environment of modern education. Guides on how to process different kinds of information, tackle the entire pallet of student assignments, and get high grades from demanding teachers will help you succeed in college.

2. Become Disciplined and Self-Organized

Learn how to get it together when you start losing it in class or at home and how to win the battle against procrastination. It has a multitude of videos on how to stay focused and grounded, and also has references to essential student resources. This will help you with time management as well.

3. Learn a Foreign Language

Vocabulary building, pronunciation fluency, grammar comprehension, getting the feel for the language, and more. She knows how to bend all these things to make them sink within you and stay. Awesome advice on how to learn and memorize a foreign language efficiently with minimum obstacles.

4. Stay Alive

Student life knows how to get the best of you. With Ana Mascara, you will stay on your feet. When most of your friends live in a walking daze without much sense of a goal in life, it can feel alienating and take a toll on your personal image. If you haven’t got anyone to cheer you up with your daily college struggles and keep the productivity bar high, you’ve just found what you need. Her cheerful and motivational guides will help you with keep on track and stay not only sane, but also positive.

5. Ask Ana a Question

Want to know something not yet covered in the video archive? Go ahead and ask away. To fully cover the needs of her subscribers and undertake a personal approach, Ana makes regular Q&A videos. Here she covers the specifics on education, custom advice, and tells about her background in academic studies.

The channel is a blast and we definitely recommend you to check it out. It will give you the impulse to go and face the challenges of college life with resolve and readiness. You’ll definitely enjoy the content and many things are sure to hit home with you as a student.

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