MyBib Review:
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A*Help Score: 85/100
published October 23, 2023 - updated February 16, 2024

Quick Overview

MyBib is a digital tool tailored for academics, students, and professionals that aids in effortlessly generating bibliographic citations for various sources. Designed with an intuitive interface, MyBib supports a wide range of citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. MyBib is completely free and serves as an essential tool for anyone weighing in on what is the best citation generator online. It helps those looking to simplify the often complex task of referencing and maintaining the integrity of their work.

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The Good
  • Free
  • Browser extension
  • No ads
The Bad
  • No extra features
  • Isn’t very convenient on mobile devices
An infographic with a short Mybib review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 85/100
MyBib Review

MyBib: Citation Convenience – 50/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MyBib excels in citation convenience, achieving a perfect score in this category. It provides users with both manual and automatic data retrieval capabilities, making it easy to source information using URLs, DOIs, ISBNs, author names, or titles. The platform supports a comprehensive range of citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, and more. It also allows for the citation of diverse sources such as books, journal articles, websites, videos, lectures, images, and newspapers. MyBib’s editing features are intuitive, offering quick style changes, the ability to copy in-text citations, create bibliography entries, share citations, and download the works cited list. Additionally, it alerts users to any missing information, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of citations.

📖 BookAPA 7th editionKrashen, S. D. (1982). Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition. Pergamon.
📓 JournalChicagoShugerman, Jed Handelsman. 2002. “The Louisiana Purchase and South Carolina’s Reopening of the Slave Trade in 1803.” Journal of the Early Republic 22 (2): 263.
🎥 VideoMLA 9HSC, ATAR Notes. “HSC Business Studies | Operations.”, 2018, Accessed 11 Oct. 2023.
💻 WebsiteHarvardBrazier, Y. (2018). Psychology: Definitions, branches, history, and how to become one. [online] Available at:
Data retrieving
Search options
Cite's editing options
Citing scale

MyBib: Value for Money – 15/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The value for money score for MyBib stands at 15/25. The platform is entirely free to use, which is a significant advantage for users who need a reliable citation tool without any financial commitment.

Generating a citation at My Bib
Generating a citation at MyBib (click to see a large image)

However, the absence of additional tools such as plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, and proofreading options might limit its appeal to those seeking a more comprehensive writing aid solution. Despite this, the core functionality of MyBib—its citation generation capabilities—remains unaffected and highly efficient.

Extra tools

MyBib: Overall Experience – 20/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We think MyBib provides a generally positive user experience. Registration is optional, but users who choose to create an account can enjoy a personalized experience with saved preferences. The platform integrates well with writing software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, facilitating a seamless workflow from citation generation to document creation. MyBib also offers a browser extension for citing websites and PDFs directly, enhancing the convenience for users conducting research online. While the platform is not optimized for mobile use, the absence of ads contributes to a cleaner and more focused user interface.

User’s bibliography at MyBib com
User’s bibliography at MyBib (click to see a large image)
A screenshot of downloading options at MyBib
Downloading options at MyBib (click to see a large image)
Website experience


MyBib stands out for its straightforward, efficient, and user-friendly citation generation services. Although it lacks some of the additional features found in other citation tools, its core functionality is robust and reliable. The platform’s commitment to providing a free service, coupled with its ease of use and wide range of supported citation styles and sources, makes it a valuable resource for anyone in need of citation assistance. From our perspective, MyBib is an excellent choice for users looking for a no-frills, effective solution to their citation needs.

MyBib: Specs

> Range of styles
multiple others
> Citation sources
journal article
> Additional tools
Plagiarism checker
Grammar checker
Text summarizer
AI content detection
> Pricing
Free accountYES
> Registration 
Trial period
Functional personal accountNO
3-party login options
> Website experience 
Exporting and Sharing
Integration with Writing Software
Saves user’s preferences
Convenient on mobile
> Support 
Live chat
Contact form
> Data retrieval 
> Search options 
by author
by title
> Cite’s editing options 
quick style change
copy in-text citation
create bibliography entry
download works cited
warns if info is missing
> Citing scale 
whole book


MyBib Reviews

The A*Help team experts explored various review platforms to learn user feedback on MyBib. We meticulously examined these opinions from websites like, TrustPilot, and Sitejabber to ensure we provided the most transparent and objective analysis of the service.

Is MyBib a Scam?

During our interaction with MyBib, we neither observed nor experienced any fraudulent activities. AcademicHelp used this tool to cite four different sources in different citation styles, and we instantly received the results we expected. Therefore, our assessment is clear: MyBib is not a scam.

Is MyBib Legit?

We carefully reviewed the service and conducted several tests on MyBib, simulating a typical user journey. Our experience verifies the platform’s legitimacy in providing accurate citation services. We neither observed nor experienced any fraudulent activities. 

Is MyBib Safe?

From our tests, MyBib appeared to prioritize user safety. There’s no mandatory need for personal account creation or personal data provision because the tool is free.

Is MyBib Trustworthy?

Given that our hands-on experience with the tool was seamless and met our citation requirements, we can vouch for the tool’s reliability. 

Is MyBib a Good Service?

My Bib is an excellent service for citation generating. It will satisfy anyone who’s looking for quick and efficient citation solutions. According to the A*Help assessment, MyBib received 85/100, and the only thing some people may lack is other features, like grammar or plagiarism checkers

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