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🔥 published September 15, 2023 - updated April 15, 2024

Quick Overview

Searching for a python homework assignment help led the AcademicHelp team to the discovery of MyComputerScienceHomework. This service provides solutions for C++ and Java homework and also assists with extensive analytical projects in your specific area of interest. However, when we asked the experts on the service to do a Python task of medium-difficulty in 3 days, the website’s representative told us that they wouldn’t be able to do it. The reasoning was that no expert wanted to take the task for such a short time, although we had no problem with it when reviewing other similar sites.

The Good
  • Simple order form
  • Order process tracking
The Bad
  • Didn’t accept the task
  • Confusing customer support chat
  • Few programming language choices
TOP services Task score AHelp score 🔥 Updated June 2023
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100% 92/100 Visit Website
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100% 89/100 Visit website
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Coding Homework Help
95% 89.5/100 Visit website
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95% 89.5/100 Visit website
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95% 77.5/100 Visit website

MyComputerScienceHomework: Value for Money – 7/25⭐️

A screenshot of an oder form at MyComputerScienceHomework
Order Form at MyComputerScienceHomework (click here to see a large image)
A screenshot of a pricing guide at MyComputerScienceHomework
Pricing Guide at MyComputerScienceHomework (click here to see a large image)
Ordering & Price
Performer’s expertise
Order categories
Order price

MyComputerScienceHomework: Overall Experience – 13/25⭐️⭐️⭐️

A screenshot of talking to support at MyComputerScienceHomework
Talking to support at MyComputerScienceHomework (click here to see a large image)
Order flow


MyComputerScienceHomework Reviews

When assessing platforms such as MyComputerScienceHomework, our objective is to deliver a comprehensive review. We undertake firsthand experiences through mystery shopping and also gather opinions from online platforms like Reddit, Sitejabber,, and Trustpilot.

Is MyComputerScienceHomework a Scam?

To ensure the integrity of a service, our team investigates its offerings closely. Upon tasking their experts with a moderate assignment, we didn’t detect any questionable actions. As such, we don’t consider MyComputerScienceHomework to be a scam.

Is MyComputerScienceHomework Legit?

Our reviews are centered on platforms with proven operations. From our direct interaction, MyComputerScienceHomework emerged as a legitimate platform for academic assistance.

Is MyComputerScienceHomework Safe?

In our dealings with the platform, MyComputerScienceHomework exhibited adherence to standard privacy practices. We encountered no security-related issues, indicating that it’s a safe choice for users.

Is MyComputerScienceHomework Trustworthy?

From our evaluation, MyComputerScienceHomework didn’t deliver the promised results. So, before relying on them, you should beware that there’s an opportunity they won’t accept your assignment.

Is MyComputerScienceHomework a Good Service?

After considering several metrics and user feedback, we can’t for sure say that  MyComputerScienceHomework is a good service. They didn’t complete our assignment, since no experts wanted to take it. So, if you are looking for coding homework help, check out our designated review category, because MyComputerScienceHomework can’t be described as a reliable site.

MyComputerScienceHomework: Specs

Minimum deadline12 hours
Maximum deadlineNo limit
Min price per order$59,95
Order Types
> Performers’ expertise 
The list of known languages/field of expertise
Comments reviews from previous works
Education level
> Order categories (e.g. Java, Python, C++) 
> Discount 
Loyalty Program
General retention program
>Order Flow 
File upload (supports various types)
Сan give files to support
Order progress tracking
Easy to fill-in order form
Includes language, discipline, environment
Has explanations/examples of task sizes
> Support 
Helpfulness of supportMedium
Quick price estimation
Quick search of performers
Availability to get extra discount via support
> Security & Privacy 
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Security payment, SSL
Google Pay
Apple Pay
American Express

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