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published September 19, 2023 - updated April 10, 2024

Quick Overview

MyHomeworkDone promises to provide students with solutions for computer science, Java, or Matlab assignments with a snap of a finger. It’s safe to say that the website didn’t live up to its claims and perhaps isn’t suitable for students looking to get quick programming and statistics homework help online..

The Good
  • Aesthetic website
  • Various payment methods
The Bad
  • Limited programming languages
  • No support for various file types

TOP services Task score AHelp score 🔥 Updated June 2023
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100% 92/100 Visit Website
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100% 89/100 Visit website
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Coding Homework Help
95% 89.5/100 Visit website
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95% 89.5/100 Visit website
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95% 77.5/100 Visit website

MyHomeworkDone: Value for Money – 7/25 ⭐️⭐️

A screenshot of the main page at MyHomeworkDone
Main page at MyHomeworkDone (click here to see a large image)
A screenshot of an order form at MyHomeworkDone Order Form
Order form at MyHomeworkDone (click here to see a large image)
A screenshot of an order form at MyHomeworkDone
Order form at MyHomeworkDone (click here to see a large image)
Ordering & Price
Performer’s expertise
Order categories
Order price

MyHomeworkDone: Overall Experience – 9/25 ⭐️⭐️

A screenshot of bidding at MyHomeworkDone Bidding
Bidding at MyHomeworkDone (click here to see a large image)
Order flow


MyHomeworkDone Reviews

To gain a thorough understanding, we pulled information from well-known review sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Our assessment of MyHomeworkDone combined firsthand experience and general user feedback, consistent with our approach for other reviews.

Is MyHomeworkDone a Scam?

We submitted a medium-complexity task to MyHomeworkDone. Although we didn’t get the price for our work and therefore no result, we didn’t experience any strange activity on the website. So we are led to believe MyHomeworkDone is not engaged in scams.

Is MyHomeworkDone Legit?

We prioritize services with noticeable online traction. In our interactions with MyHomeworkDone, we exchanged several messages with customer support, which makes us believe the platform is legit. However, it can’t be deemed the right place to receive coding homework help.

Is MyHomeworkDone Safe?

From our findings, MyHomeworkDone seems to uphold general privacy standards. We didn’t experience any security issues, suggesting that the platform maintains user safety.

Is MyHomeworkDone Trustworthy?

While assessing MyHomeworkDone, we didn’t come across any instances, which would doubt its trustworthiness. However, it seems that medium-level programming assignments cannot be completed by MyHomeworkDone’s experts.

Is MyHomeworkDone a Good Service?

When reviewing platforms, we consider aspects such as pricing, user experience, and the quality of help. Based on our observations, MyHomeworkDone might not be the best option for coding assignments or others, given the fact we waited a long time for an estimated price and in the end got an offer for $300.

MyHomeworkDone: Specs

Minimum deadline3 hours
Maximum deadlineNo limit
Min price per orderN/a
Order Types
> Performers’ expertise
The list of known languages/field of expertise
Comments reviews from previous works
Education level
> Order categories (e.g. Java, Python, C++)
> Discount
Loyalty Program
General retention program
> Order Flow
File upload (supports various types)
Сan give files to support
Order progress tracking
Easy to fill-in order form
Includes language, discipline, environment
Has explanations/examples of task sizes
Helpfulness of supportLow
Quick price estimation
Quick search of performers
Availability to get extra discount via support
> Security & Privacy
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Security payment, SSL
Google Pay
Apple Pay
American Express

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