Writing a Travelogue

travelogueA travelogue is a person’s account of a journey to another country or place. It can either be a written report with many factual details or a narrative story about personal impressions and experiences supported by images.

Steps for Writing a Travelogue

  1. Decide on the purpose of your travelogue. Whether it is for a magazine, for friends, or for yourself—determine your writing style.
  2. While traveling, take notes about what you see, places you visit, and people you get acquainted with. Keep a diary of your impressions. If you don’t have enough time to write, perhaps a recorder would be a smart option for keeping a diary. Also, collect various brochures, tourism maps, and guides. They may come in handy when you start writing a travelogue.
  3. Take as many pictures as possible. A photograph doesn’t necessarily need to capture an historic or famous place. Sometimes, a photo of a crowded street, neon signboard, or an old man, conveys a stronger impression of a place you’ve visited than the images of monuments anyone can see on the Internet.
  4. When you return home, take time to review your recordings. Sort them out by date, personal importance,

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Samples for Writing a Travelogue

A Broken Umbrella

On the eve of my departure from India, I slipped out before dinner to shop for clothes with my twin brother, Chris. The monsoons had broke out a few days ago, and the wind and rain were announcing their presence to the traffic. Though the sun had set, the ...

Walking From Seattle to Chicago

Day One I know what I am doing is illegal, and a bit dangerous. But it has been my dream since childhood to walk from Seattle to Chicago on train tracks. I encountered one man in Seattle before who had come from Chicago by walking on tr...

My Journey Within Lviv: The Lion's City

Day 1 - [Excerpt] The city of Lviv (or paraphrasing its name in Ukrainian, The Lion's City), as I have seen it in winter, greatly reminded me of several famous cities of Central and Eastern Europe that I have been to, such as Prague and ...


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