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A*Help Score: 75/100
🔥 published April 1, 2024 - updated April 2, 2024

Quick Overview

Editor World focuses on delivering high-quality editing across various types of wriitng. this platform covers a range of edits, including grammar, punctuation, citation, and formatting, with an option to purchase a certificate confirming the document’s review by their team. While it doesn’t provide substantial post-edit adjustments or AI-driven enhancements, Editor World’s quick turnaround and the breadth of its service spectrum make it an appealing choice for individuals seeking thorough and adaptable proofreading solutions.

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The Good
  • Can specify English accent
  • Quick service deliver
  • ESL & PDF editing services
The Bad
  • No strutural corrections
  • Limited interaction with editors
A photo of our account at Editor World
Checking out our account at Editor World (click to see a large image)

Editor World: Editing Quality – 38/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our work came back unexpectedly quickly – just in 5 hours instead of 3 days. It was full of comments and suggestions that pinpointed problematic places in our work. The editor also went beyond the mistakes that we originally made and helped improve (aside from misspelled words and grammar) the general style of writing. Our in-text citations were modified with a clear identification of why they were improved in such a way. The only things that weren’t fixed were the incorrectly stated fact and structure, as no needed subheadings were added. We also had a misplaced paragraph that wasn’t moved to the right place. In general though, despite these overlooked mistakes and the fact that we couldn’t connect with our editor, the quality of provided service was rather high.

Grammar & spelling Grammar corrected
Structure Corrected citations
Tone of voice Corrected formatting
Citation editing Corrected structure
Formatting editing Fact checking
AI & plagchecking Paper improved

Editor World: Value for Money – 21/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Editor World offers competitive pricing for its range of services, which include academic, business, personal, and specialized editing for ESL clients. While lacking AI-powered tools, the platform compensates with human proofreading, publication support, and other additional services like PDF and style editing. The pricing structure ($30 for 1064 words over three days) is affordable, making Editor World an attractive option for budget-conscious customers. Despite the absence of a monthly subscription model, occasional coupons and free sample editing sessions certainly boost the service’s overall value proposition.

Wide choice of papers
Pay by word model
Free features

Editor World: Overall Experience – 16/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Even though the service doesn’t look much aesthetically pleasing it is easy to interact with. Placing an order was quick and the order form itself allowed us to give a detailed description of our work and what needed to be done. We really liked the fact that you are the one to choose an editor that you want to work with and that you can read through their profiles and find a specialist in your niche. With that said, you don’t really communicate with your editor. You can write them but they don’t respond. In our case, they didn’t respond even after 24 hours had passed. So, here, Editor World could make some improvements.

A screenshot of the order form at Editor World
Order form at Editor World (click to see a large image)
User experience
Direct interaction with editors


It’s clear that with Editor World you get a versatile selection of editing services. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a researcher, business professiona, or even if you Britich, American, or Australian. This platform caters to all kinds of audiences and needs. Additionally, its focus on quality editing, combined with affordable pricing, establishes Editor World as a solid choice for anyone in seeking both quick and professional editing. While the platform could benefit from a more responsive editor communication, its strengths in detailed correction, feedback provision, and user experience make it a service worth considering for students and professional writers alike.


Editor World Reviews

We want to make sure our reviews stay objective and highlight both the positive and negative sides of each platform. For this, we go on websites like Reviews.io, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and even Reddit, to see what other users have to say about these services. We then take notes of all the feedback and consider it in our evaluations.

Is Editor World a Scam?

No, Editor World is a legitimate editing service that provides a wide array of options to improve document quality. Based on our experience, we can say that with this service you can expect to receive an improved paper, and you will get it quickly.

Is Editor World Legit?

Yes, Editor World is a legitimate service, evidenced by its online reputation, positive customer feedback, and versatile selection of proofreading opportunities.

Is Editor World Safe?

As far as we can say, Editor World is safe to use. It doesn’t ask to provide unnecessary personal details and has clearly stated privacy and security policies.

Is Editor World Trustworthy?

Given its professional approach to editing and customer service, Editor World can be considered a trustworthy option for those seeking editing assistance. After all, during our experiment, our work improved largely thanks solely to their scrupulous work.

Is Editor World a Good Service?

Yes, after checking Editor World out ourselves, we can confirm it to be a good service. Here, you can expect to quickly receive your edited with all the errors fixed and clarity improved.

Editor World Specs

> Papers and documents available for editing 
Academic (dissertations, thesis, essays, etc)
Books, articles
Business documents
Personal (CV, portfolios)
(editing for individuals with dyslexia, eg., ESL)

ESL, PDF editing, Style editing
> Type of service 
Human proofreading
AI-powered proofreeding
> Extra Features 
Scientififc support
Publication support
AI-powered solutions
Other (what are they)
Writing + Professional proofreading services+ Rewriting paraphrasing
> Deadlines 
Minimum Deadline1 day
Maximum Deadline7 days
> Pricing & Limits 
Word count-based subscription/pricing✅ 
Montly-based subscription
Discounts, coupons, sales⚠️
Sometimes they offer coupons
> Free offers 
Free sample editing
Trying AI proofreader for free
Other option
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate⚠️
It is easy to use but the design feels clumped a bit
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, other accounts to register)
Can see details about different editing options
You can look up ay the description of the services to see what they include
On-site chat ✅
No chat, but email contact form
FAQ section
Blog/case studies ✅
No chat, but an email contact form
> Working with editors 
Can choose editors or their levels (levels of service) ✅
There are ratings of each editor so they are easy to choose
Editors’ profile to read ✅
Can communicate with editor⚠️
There’s direct communication through their messaging system. However, they don’t respond to messages
> Editing Process 
Helpful & clear feedback, comments
When was the work returned?in 5 hours

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