Proofreadingservices Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 68/100
🔥 published April 4, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

ProofreadingServices is a platform that accumulates editing services tailored to a wide variety of writing types, including academic works, business documents, and personal projects. It emphasizes complex corrections of all aspects of your writing, adhering to specific English dialects and citation styles. Despite the absence of an AI or plagiarism check, ProofreadingServices is efficient in its delivery, providing a quick turnaround with significant improvements in document formatting and readability. With an A*Help score of 68/100, it presents itself as a reliable solution in the field, although it can’t compete for the title of the best online essay editing service.

The Good
  • Extensive writer support
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Versatile editional features
The Bad
  • No option to ask editors anything
  • Lack of substantial post-edit revisions
Photo of the "Careers" page at Proofreadingservices
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Proofreadingservices: Editing Quality – 37/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The experts from this platform were quick to provide us results. They also did a great job on correcting the formatting of our paper. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation were greatly improved as well thanks to their assistance. In terms of structure, they did introduce proper headings as per APA style but didn’t point out logical inconsistencies in the parts of text. Note though, that the corrections were mostly regarding formatting, the general content stayed somewhat the same. Overall, we would call such editing to be substantial.

Grammar & spelling Grammar corrected
Structure Corrected citations
Tone of voice Corrected formatting
Citation editing Corrected structure ⚠️
Formatting editing Fact checking
AI & plagchecking Paper improved

Proofreadingservices: Value for Money – 20/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Proofreadingservice does seem to provide quite an extended list of editing features that still mostly cater to academic needs. However, if you search the website more thoroughly (as we did), you can also find services outside text editing. There’s an especially well-rounded support for future authors, for example. The editing feature itself is affordable, as it cost us $37 to check 1064 word work. This prices looks even more reasonable if we take into account that it includes everything from grammar/spelling to structure and refrences.

Wide choice of papers
Pay by word model
Free features

Proofreadingservices: Overall Experience – 11/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In general the website is very simple. It doesn’t have a special design or anything. It look more like a collection of different textual pages. The ordering process is quick and simple though and is compiled of 4 steps. Everything (including further work collection) is done through your email. There’s no direct communication with you editor and you can also receive a confirmation of your order a bit later than you expected.

Screenshot of the editing order form at
Editing order form at (click to see a large image)
User experience
Direct interaction with editors


ProofreadingServices stands as a competent editing provider, delivering on its promises of fast and effective editing across a diverse range of documents. It distinguishes itself with quick service and a focus on technical editing excellence, though it could benefit from integrating more modern features and direct communication channels with their experts. For clients prioritizing speed, quality, and a straightforward work process, ProofreadingServices offers a reliable solution, making all documents polished and professional.


Proofreadingservices Reviews

Reddit, Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and are all platforms that allow online users share their experience about anything and everything they try and work with. That’s why we decided to use these services to help us complete our reviews. We go there, analyze the positive as well as negative responses from previous customers of the platforms we look into. Only after that research we present you our findings, taken into consideration everything we learned.

Is Proofreadingservices a Scam?

No, ProofreadingServices is a legitimate editing service known for its prompt and effective assistance in improving a variety of documents. We checked them out ourselves and can confirm they will give you your paper back edited and improved.

Is Proofreadingservices Legit?

Yes, ProofreadingServices is a legitimate provider, offering detailed editing services that cover a wide array of document types, enhancing their quality significantly.

Is Proofreadingservices Safe?

Of course, we checked it, and can confirm that ProofreadingServices guards the safety of your documents and personal information, utilizing email for secure and direct delivery of edited works.

Is Proofreadingservices Trustworthy?

ProofreadingServices, based on our mystery shopping, has demonstrated its reliability through the quality of its editing services and its commitment to improving writing standards, making it a trustworthy option.

Is Proofreadingservices a Good Service?

Yes, ProofreadingServices is a good choice for those in need of simple editing services. It will be especially beneficial for clients looking for quick turnaround times and improvements in formatting, grammar, and spelling, rather then logic and content.

Proofreadingservices Specs

> Papers and documents available for editing 
Academic (dissertations, thesis, essays, etc)
Books, articles
Business documents
Personal (CV, portfolios)
(editing for individuals with dyslexia, eg., ESL)
> Type of service 
Human proofreading
AI-powered proofreeding
> Extra Features 
Scientififc support
Publication support
for authors, like manuscript critique
AI-powered solutions
Other (what are they)
Ghostwriting, Marketing support
> Deadlines 
Minimum Deadline6 hours
Maximum Deadline7 days
> Pricing & Limits 
Word count-based subscription/pricing✅ 
Montly-based subscription
Discounts, coupons, sales✅ 
Discounts for long works over 20k words
> Free offers 
Free sample editing
Trying AI proofreader for free
Other option
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, other accounts to register)⚠️
Not needed – you only provide email
Can see details about different editing options
On-site chat ❌
Only online form
FAQ section
Blog/case studies ✅
> Working with editors 
Can choose editors or their levels (levels of service) ❌
Editors’ profile to read
Can communicate with editor
> Editing Process 
Helpful & clear feedback, comments
When was the work returned?in 1 day

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