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A*Help Score: 27/100
🔥 published March 20, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

Typely is an online text editing tool with a focus on simplicity. It primarily offers basic AI-powered proofreading, aiming to assist with simple grammar and punctuation corrections. However, its effectiveness is poor, as evidenced by its low A*Help score of 27/100. During the evaluation, Typely managed to correct only one spelling and one punctuation error, indicating a significant gap in its editing quality. Although free to use and featuring no word count limits, its narrow scope of capabilities severely restricts its usefulness for more comprehensive editing needs. So, if you were looking for the best MBA essay editing service, Typely definitely should not be your first choice.

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The Good
  • Free with no word count limits
  • Simple to use
The Bad
  • Limited editing capabilities
  • No substantial edits or feedback provided
A photograph of Typely on the screen of a laptopPhoto of the main page at Typely
AcademicHelp performed a comprehensive examination of Typely (click to see a large image)

Typely: Editing Quality – 2/50 ⭐️

Unfortunately, we find Typely’s performance in editing quality to be markedly poor. The service corrected a minimal number of errors, limited to one spelling and one punctuation mistake, without addressing critical aspects of writing such as structure, style, tone, citations, formatting, or providing necessary feedback. This lack of comprehensive editing support renders the tool ineffective for users seeking thorough revision or improvement of their documents. The absence of substantial edits and feedback undoubtedly diminishes the potential for enhancing document clarity, coherence, and overall quality.

Grammar & spelling Grammar corrected
Structure Corrected citations
Tone of voice Corrected formatting
Citation editing Corrected structure
Formatting editing Fact checking
AI & plagchecking Paper improved

Typely: Value for money – 17/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Typely positions itself as a cost-effective solution by offering a completely free service. Users can paste virtually any type of work into the platform’s text editor, making it accessible for a wide range of documents, including academic texts, business documents, and personal projects. Despite its broad applicability, the tool’s singular focus on basic AI-powered proofreading limits its value, particularly for users in need of detailed and comprehensive editing services. The inclusion of a timer and an option to play background sound are unique but do not significantly enhance its overall value proposition in the context of editing services.

Wide choice of papers
Pay by word model
Free features

Typely: Overall experience – 8/20 ⭐️⭐️

The overall experience with Typely is underwhelming. While its website is easy to navigate, the tool’s capabilities are minimal, akin to an online note-taking app rather than a robust editing service. The lack of a registration requirement simplifies access, yet the absence of detailed editing options, support resources like an FAQ section or on-site chat, and the inability to work with or receive feedback from human editors significantly detract from the user experience. This simplicity, while potentially appealing for very basic proofreading needs, limits the tool’s utility for more serious writing and editing endeavors.

Screenshot of the document editor's page at Typely.com
Document editor at Typely (click to see a large image)
User experience
Direct interaction with editors


Typely offers a straightforward, no-cost option for users seeking basic proofreading assistance. However, its extremely limited editing capabilities and lack of comprehensive features make it unsuitable for those requiring thorough editing and feedback. The tool’s simplicity and accessibility may appeal to some users for very basic needs, but its overall effectiveness and value are significantly compromised.


Typely Reviews

At AcademicHelp we specialize in performing examinations of multiple services, drawing on data from various sources, including user comments and ratings from popular platforms like as TrustPilot, Reviews.io, Sitejabber, and Reddit conversations. This strategy allows us to obtain many perspectives and experiences. In addition to considering public feedback, we conduct our own in-depth analysis and practical testing on the tools’ functionality and performance. This method creates the framework for our comprehensive reviews, making certain our opinions are balanced and grounded in genuine user experiences and careful analysis.

Is Typely a Scam?

Typely is not a scam. It is a legitimate online tool designed for basic text editing and proofreading. While its editing capabilities are limited, it offers a straightforward service that is exactly as advertised – a simple, AI-powered proofreading tool that is free to use.

Is Typely Legit?

Yes, Typely is a legitimate service. It provides an entry-level AI-powered text editing, aimed primarily at correcting simple spelling and punctuation errors. The platform operates transparently, offering its services free of charge and requiring no user registration.

Is Typely Safe?

Typely is safe to use. As a text editing platform that does not require registration or personal information, it presents minimal risk to users. The website’s simple design and function allow for direct text editing without the need to worry about data privacy issues.

Is Typely Trustworthy?

Typely is trustworthy in terms of safety and legitimacy. However, its effectiveness as an editing tool is limited. Users can trust the platform for minor spelling and punctuation corrections, but should not rely on it for more detailed editing needs, such as structural, stylistic, or citation corrections.

Is Typely a Good Service?

Typely is a good service for very specific needs—basic, quick text proofreading. It’s particularly useful for users seeking a no-cost, accessible tool for simple error checking. However, for users requiring comprehensive editing services, Typely’s limited functionality makes it less suitable compared to more advanced editing and proofreading services.

Typely Specs

> Papers and documents available for editing 
Academic (dissertations, thesis, essays, etc)
Books, articles
Business documents
Personal (CV, portfolios)
(editing for individuals with dyslexia, eg., ESL)
> Type of service 
Human proofreading
AI-powered proofreeding
> Deadlines 
Minimum Dealinen/a
Maximum Dedlinen/a
> Pricing & Limits 
Word count-based subscription/pricing
Montly-based subscription
Discounts, coupons, sales
> Free offers 
Free sample editing
Trying AI proofreader for free
Other option
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, other accounts to register)
Can see details about different editing options
> Working with editors 
Can choose editors or their levels (levels of service)
Editors profile to read
Can communicate with editor
> Services included 
Grammar/spelling/punctuation correction/ in accordance with the English dialect
Structure correction, style
Tone of voice, clarity, logic
Citation editing
Formatting editing
Plagiarism check, AI Detection
Substantial edits (after work is done)
Helpful & clear feedback, comments
When was the work returned?immediately

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