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A*Help Score: 74/100
🔥 published May 5, 2023 - updated April 5, 2024

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through TikTok or Instagram on your phone when you had a homework deadline just around the corner? You are not alone in your struggles when it comes to coping with writing assignments and procrastination.  Many students are looking for the best app to write an essay and experience what can be called a “productivity freeze” and beating themselves up about it doesn’t help. 

And what if there’s a way to solve this problem by just switching between apps?  All you need to do is to find an essay drafting mobile software in your App Store and your academic hassles are solved. That’s how our A*Help team found College Essay Writing Help, a working solution promising to put an end to procrastination and finally get that homework done. We decided to put to the test whether it’s as easy to navigate as TikTok, and if it’s as helpful as it states to be. See How We Test Essay Apps for more details about our testing approach. 

Quick overview

College Essay Writing Help is a student’s ally in the battle against procrastination and overwhelming writing assignments. This essay writer app delivers a user-friendly experience and offers good value for money, providing a mix of free and additional features, as well as gracious discounts. Although the paper quality has room for improvement in certain areas, the app can be a reliable option for students seeking convenient, affordable, and timely assistance with their academic tasks. This handy tool is the one to embrace for a more efficient and enjoyable writing journey.

The Good
  • Assistive customer support
  • Affordable monthly “Saver” plan
  • High paper quality
  • Quick task completion
The Bad
  • Limited writer-customer connection
  • Aggravating sign-in process

College Essay Writing Help App: Mystery Shopping Review

We understand that, as a busy student, you don’t have time to try all the essay-writing apps in the App Store to make the best pick. For this reason, our A*Help team created a special method for evaluating these specific mobile software programs. 

We assess every step of the user experience: installing the tool from the app store, registering, placing an order for homework, paying, talking with the writer and support, and receiving the task back. All the small aspects are gathered to form the three main criteria in our focus: Overall Experience, Value for money, and Paper Quality. Combined together they make up an A*Help score for the app. 

The first two features are designed to tell that the essay drafting software will be quick, easy to use, secure, efficient, and, due to its variety of services, worth your time and money. Therefore, we check the convenience of registration and order forms, whether there are any bugs or software malfunctions, the diversity of available academic help opportunities, the helpfulness of writers and support, and the availability of different discounts and coupons. 

As it is also important to take a grasp of the level of the provided service, we also check Paper Quality. We do so by placing our own homework order. It’s a 2-page MLA-styled response paper for the English literature class with a deadline of 24 hours. After receiving the completed work we also send it for revision, if that’s possible. This way we want to ensure you have a chance to get your task done with the best result. The final essays are collected and sent to our partner US college professor to be graded according to the university standards. The mark is formed on a 100-pt scale. The papers that received 60/100 pts, according to the evaluation system, are considered unsatisfactory.

We assessed the College Essay Writing Help app across all the mentioned criteria, and it received its own A*Help score. Now, we will get into the breakdown of our rating.

Here is our testing and research scenario:

✍ Paper⭐ Response paper to the story of “Young Goodman Brown”
🎓 Academic levelUndergrad. (yrs. 1-2)
✅ Paper formatMLA
⏰ Deadline24 hours
👉 Paper instructionsWrite a response paper to the story of “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Dive into the religious aspect of the story. Take a look into the main character’s self-scrutiny and explain why it has led to his loss of belief

Looking for more essay topics and ideas for inspiration? Check our Best essay writing topics digest. The most popular categories for custom writing assignments according to the weekly market data released by A*Help.

SpeedPaper Review

Using College Essay Writing Help: Overall Experience — 24/30

App Store
Security & Privacy

A great part of your overall experience with the app is based on how usable it is. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how to register and place orders. That’s why the interface is very important. 

We asked our partner software developer Logan Romford to share his thoughts on what makes an app user-friendly:

“I’ve seen so many helpful applications not being used at all because of the bad design that I can’t even count. Actually, Jenny Gove, a Google user experience researcher once mentioned that around 25% of apps are not used more than once, and, as she believed, it was because of usability and user experience flaws. As for me, that’s such a big loss for developers because it actually doesn’t take that much to create a feasible mobile application, and still keep it functional and unique. The three main aspects are interface, security, and audience. The design should be recognizable but easy to navigate. That’s what every user is looking for. Privacy is of great importance as well, as no virtual store will even list your app on its platform if you don’t have a security system in place. And even if they do, people won’t use it, as no one wants to face trouble with their private data. Lastly, the software needs to be audience-focused, meaning it takes into account customer needs. Every feature, UX, and UI element, and onboarding process should cater to the users.”

The customer experience, however, starts at the App Store. That’s where College Essay Writing Help showed average results. It was easy to find, as it was under the Education category. We didn’t see a clear description of what the tool can offer, but we could make that out from real screenshots of app usage. We were also pleased to see a regular update frequency every month, as it showed the software continued to progress and become better. 

App Store appearance of College Essay Writing Help (click to see a large picture)
App Store appearance of College Essay Writing Help (click to see a large picture)

The app turned out to be very convenient. We quickly installed it and were ready to put it to use. However, we had to create an account first before doing anything. Moreover, we had to log into our profile every time we launched the software, which was the only usability issue. Other than that, we didn’t experience any bugs or malfunctions, the interface was aesthetic and pleasant to work with. The form for making homework requests was straight to the point and allowed to include all the needed requirements for the task. And, in our profile, we had an opportunity to track the order progress. This could be specifically helpful in terms of lowering your stress level tied to the completion of the assignment.

College Essay Writing Help also provided us with a great sense of security. We weren’t asked to share our private phone, and, instead, could use more convenient options (aside from email) for sign-in like Apple ID or Google account. The notification system was also versatile and allowed us to adjust the messages to our liking. The app also provided an opportunity to withdraw given consent and delete accounts right through their settings. 

The platform also utilizes a onefold payment process. Aside from the usual MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, iOS users can also make use of the ApplePay option.

When you work with an app you might face some issues along the way. It’s crucial that you have an opportunity to turn to the customer support team to resolve them. With essay drafting applications there can be many instances that you might need to turn to the platform’s assistants in. With College Essay Writing Help’s customer service, you can be sure to get all your problems resolved instantly. Based on our experience, we can say that the agents provide great and timely help and extra discounts as well. 

Sadly, we couldn’t say the same about our communication with the writer. Even though the platform provided a way of direct connection with the dedicated expert, the writer didn’t take on that opportunity. Even our revision request was handled through a support agent. 

At large, College Essay Writing Help proved itself as a highly convenient application, with only a few aspects (like writers’ communication and App Store experience) yet to be perfected.

SpeedPaper Review

What it’s Worth: College Essay Writing Help App & Value for Money — 15/20

Ordering & Price
Free services
Additional services
Average price

The app should not only be pleasant to use, but also functional. It should provide you with services that benefit you and that are therefore worth your money. In the case of College Essay Writing Help, it is clear that the value for money is not an issue.

The first thing we noticed when placing our order was a chance to choose what type of writer we wanted to work on the essay. The options varied from the best available that got chosen by the platform to the expert from the top 10 list. The performers on the app could also handle tasks of different levels, starting with high school and up to Ph.D. work. 

College Essay Writing Help App:  Home screen, Order placement, Checkout (click to see a large picture)
College Essay Writing Help App: Home screen, Order placement, Checkout (click to see a large picture)

We also noted that the software provided a pool of free features. Even though it was limited to only 3 services, we would regard them as highly beneficial for paper completion, as they included a plagiarism check, revisions, and formatting. We also saw an opportunity to add extra features for a surcharge, which also included 3 options: receiving the writer’s samples, getting a copy of used sources, and opting for a progressive delivery of your assignment. 

The prices average here at $48. That’s how much we paid for our 2-page essay with a 24-hour deadline. Keep in mind, however, that the more urgent the time limit, the higher the cost. But don’t be too scared to see the quote, as the platform tends to give its customers gratifying discounts. For example, when we created our account, we got a coupon that allowed us to get 1 page written for free in case we had a 3-page task due. We also inquired customer support about available offers, and they provided us with 20% off our order. There is also a referral program in case you want to get a $10 discount for inviting your friends to join the app. 

College Essay Writing Help App: My orders, Dashboard, Communication options (click to see a large picture)
College Essay Writing Help App: My orders, Dashboard, Communication options (click to see a large picture)

After our experience, we can say that the College Essay Writing Help application has great value for money, which can only become better with the addition of a few more free and extra features. 

SpeedPaper Review

College Essay Writing Help’s Paper Quality — 35/50

Even though using essay drafting mobile software is about convenience, the quality of the provided service is still of higher importance. The main reason you even decide to install such an app is that you need your tasks finished competently and on time.

The writers on College Essay Writing Help’s platform understood the assignment and handed in our completed essay just after 5 hours, setting a record time for handling the task. Needless to say, we had more than enough time to request a revision and still get it back by the deadline.

Having given away the paper for evaluation, we received it back graded with 70/100 pts. The highest indexes were given for objectivity (100%), grammar (97%), and punctuation (91%). Rather good results were also seen for spelling (81%) and clarity (74%). It’s also worth noting that the professor highlighted the great formatting of the paper. 

Still, there were some lower grades as well. Word choice, for example, was marked with only 52%. Efficiency and acuity also could be better, gaining only 61% and 68%. The paper was also graded low in terms of citation formatting (54%). Here, the main issues were missing textbook references and reference section header.  The in-text cite grade was also seriously deficient.

Dr. Sybil Low, our partner professor, shared her thoughts about the writer’s work:

I was quite surprised that such a thoroughly structured work didn’t have any in-text citations, even though a lot of references to the original text were made. The vocabulary could benefit from some improvement as well. These types of papers need to present a thorough literary analysis, and, as such, a specific language should be used. I didn’t see much of a survey though. I think that the author could have gone more in-depth into the topic in general, but this is rather my personal professorial preference. Yet, the overall execution of the assignment was decent, so there wasn’t a chance to grade it any lower.

Below is a full breakdown of the main aspects of the paper:

Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 80% (spelling 81%, grammar 97%, punctuation 91%, word choice 52%). {Citation formatting:} 54%. Reference formatting: Missing textbook reference (you are missing your entire reference list). Missing reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (missing all in-text cites). {Reasoning, logic:} 76% (efficiency 61%, acuity 68%, clarity 74%, objectivity 100%).

Paper score: 70/100

⭐ Parameter✅ Personal Essay
Paper score70/100
Paper price $48
Completion time5 hours

The Final Word

We get it, searching for the right essay app can be tiring and confusing. Yet, you can’t go wrong with College Essay Writing Help. Here you will find prompt support and expert assistance with any of your academic writing tasks. This tool is simple, handy, and pleasant to work with. Even though there are not many free or additional features, the ones that are provided can be most helpful (especially the free plagiarism checker). Pleasant discounts make the platform even more attractive and affordable. With this application everything points to one fact: it will be of much help to students who want to receive well-written papers and quality experience at lightning speed. 

Why is a credible source of information:

Stay curious with us. has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data.

Main Specs

Minimum deadline4 hours
Maximum deadline14 days
Min price per page$10
Standard Page275 words
Average paper price
(according to our mystery shopping)
Pay in installmentsNo
Free services 
Plagiarism check
Additional services: 
Writer’s samples$5
Copy of used sources$14.95
Progressive delivery+10%
Payment methods 
Apple PayYes
Google PayNo
American ExpressYes
CouponsYes, 1 free page for 3+ pages first order
+ 20% first order discount
Loyalty ProgramNo
Referral Program10$ discount for every invited friend
Security & Privacy
before making an order  Yes
Uses third-party/social login+ Apple sign-in Yes
Need a phone number to register No
Need an email to register    Yes
Security payment SSL          Yes
Customer Support
Support availability 24/7Yes
Helpfulness of supportHigh
Availability to get extra discount via supportYes
Notification system (adjustable & versatile)Yes


College Essay Writing Help Reviews

Our A*Help team always tries to look for customer feedback for a clearer idea about the specifics of the reviewed platforms. We try to find user comments on the App Store and Google Play, Sitejabber, Trustpilot,, and Reddit. We always present the results of the research in our articles. Unfortunately, as College Essay Writing Help is a relevantly new application, we haven’t found enough information, but we hope to see more customers’ opinions in the future.

Is College Essay Writing Help a Scam?

We downloaded the app ourselves and placed an order for a homework assignment. We received the completed task without any delays and far ahead of the deadline. As such, we can say that this platform is not the one to scam you for money. 

Is College Essay Writing Help Legit?

The A*Help team only reviews the applications that are open about the provided services and have a user base. Having looked at the App Store page, we established that College Essay Writing Help is a software of that kind. After trying it out ourselves, we can fully confirm it’s a legit mobile tool for essay writing help.

Is College Essay Writing Help Safe?

Our team created an account of our own on this app, so we could check what information you would need to share using the app. All we could see is that it asked for an email or a social login Facebook, Apple ID, Google), and asked for permission to track your activity and to send notifications. Your consent could be withdrawn at any time. As such, we would say that College Essay Writing Help is safe to install and use on your phone. 

Is College Essay Writing Help Trustworthy?

We used College Essay Writing Help and requested their experts to write our essays. The work came back quickly and was graded with a decent mark. As such we would say that you can trust your homework in the hands of this platform’s writers. 

Is College Essay Writing Help a Good Service?

We checked College Essay Writing Help according to our checklist specifically designed to rate academic help applications. It received 74/100 on the A*Help score which shows that it’s a service that you can turn to with your writing assignments needs.

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