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published April 12, 2023 - updated December 7, 2023

Today we strive for productivity more than ever. We make grand plans by writing down 10-15 tasks that we need to complete by the day’s end. This is especially true for academic assignments, which seem the hardest to find the time for.

What if there was a chance to get those writing assignments solved on the go? What if it could be as easy as ordering an Uber through your phone or ordering pizza just in a few clicks? And it can be with the help of modern technology. Here’s the list of services among which you can find the best free ai essay writer to help you with an assignment. Now, there are homework help services that can guide you right through your phone. To make it easier for you to make your choice, our A*Help team created a top list of best essay writer app solutions to become your pocket academic assistant.

TOP Essay Help App Reviews

Based on our mystery shopping, the following is the list of best apps that write your essay for you:

1. SpeedyPaper: Essay writer pros

💎Value for Money24/30
💟Overall Experience14/20
✅Paper Quality38/50
🌟A*Help Score76/100

2. College Essay Writing Help

💎Value for Money24/30
💟Overall Experience15/20
✅Paper Quality35/50
🌟A*Help Score74/100

3. Essay Writing & Homework Help

💎Value for Money18.4/30
💟Overall Experience17/20
✅Paper Quality41.4/50
🌟A*Help Score73.5/100

4. Fast HW — College Writing App

💎Value for Money23/30
💟Overall Experience12/20
✅Paper Quality35.4/50
🌟A*Help Score70.4/100

5. Writero: Hire pro writer

💎Value for Money21/30
💟Overall Experience10/20
✅Paper Quality35.3/50
🌟A*Help Score66.3/100

6. HW Helper — Essay writing help

💎Value for Money20/30
💟Overall Experience8/20
✅Paper Quality37.05/50
🌟A*Help Score65.05/100

7. Essay Typer App

💎Value for Money21/30
💟Overall Experience9/20
✅Paper Quality30.6/50
🌟A*Help Score60.6/100

8. MyWriter — Freelance Writers

💎Value for Money21/30
💟Overall Experience7/20
✅Paper Quality31.25/50
🌟A*Help Score59.25/100

9. EssayBot: Write Essay For You

💎Value for Money21/30
💟Overall Experience9/20
✅Paper Quality26.9/50
🌟A*Help Score56.9/100

Number 1 Option – Essay Writing App

After organizing and carrying out our complex research, we compared 9 different providers of mobile software for homework assistance and came to the conclusion that the go-to choice should be SpeedyPaper: Essay Writer pros essay writer app. It’s highly convenient to use, offers a great selection of both discounts and services, and provides assistive customer support. According to our experience, there’s no reason for this application to land any lower than the 1st place.

An infographic that shows a list of 5 essay apps with the A*Help score assigned to each

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