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Edubirdie is one of the best essay writing service providers available online. Having completed millions of orders for thousands of customers in the United States and Europe, the company stands out as a successful entity in the business. It is also highly popular among students due to its ease of access and output quality. Its prices are slightly higher than the market rate, but the paper quality matches the cost. Besides, EduBirdie claims to only hire native English writers with at least a master’s degree in their field of specialization. This EduBirdie review evaluates the company’s credibility, reliability, accessibility, and affordability.

Edubirdie review of customer support

One of the most disappointing features of the EduBirdie website is the lack of a live chat feature. Lacking this function is disappointing because most students like to audit a service and develop some trust before sharing personal details. The live chat service is only available on the order placement page. You can only chat with the support team when placing an order. Edubirdie makes up for this by providing 24/7 support via phone and email. They are also available on all social media platforms, engaging existing and potential customers through live communications. The support team is swift to respond to clients’ queries and complaints.

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Usability review

Like most professional essay writing services, EduBirdie has a straightforward order placement process with simple steps and no complicated algorithms. You need only provide your assignment details, select a writer, and make the payment. You can also follow the paper’s progress through the support team and direct messages to your writer. Moreover, the system allows you to retain your preferred writer for your subsequent assignments, maintaining a standard paper quality and reducing the probability of inconsistencies. The site responds to your questions and fears without you having to ask them. As you scroll down the home page, you’ll find a detailed description of the service. The site also outlines the order placement process and the items included. It also has responses to frequently asked questions, increasing your trust as you review the content and place your first order. The home page also outlines the services offered, including essays, research papers, and presentations.

Edu birdie quality assurance

The company maintains a relatively small number of writers, reducing the probability of errors and irregularities in the final papers. With only 450 writers, Edu birdie has a high degree of control over the writing process and the amount of work a writer can complete. The small number of personnel also gives customers a personalized touch to their papers, as the management continuously evaluates the writers to maximize quality. Since the company operates a bidding system, having a small group increases the ease of access, as the clients can review writers’ bios and chat with some to choose their preferred one.

edubirdie plagiarism

Additionally, the EduBirdie plagiarism policy ensures that the final paper is free from plagiarism, as writers must provide original content by writing essays from scratch. They must also abide by the standard writing rules and academic writing languages. Hence, the company employs a strict expert selection process with specific requirements applied punitively to all applicants. A new writer must have excellent English speaking and writing skills along with the ability to abide by EduBirdie’s rules. They must demonstrate punctuality and discipline, display good communication skills, and have several years of academic writing experience.

EduBirdie price policy

Edu birdie offers a bid-only service where the writers place bids on your assignment, allowing you to select the most qualified and affordable one. As the customer, you have the power to review the writers’ submissions and compare their qualifications through the available bio details and chat. Although the minimum price per the home page is $13, the bids vary in prices, and you can only select from the available offers. The prices will also vary based on the writer category, as you can choose from three options; all levels of writers in your discipline, gold (the top-50 writers), and platinum (the top-20 writers). The categorization is based on customer feedback, since the company allows clients to rate their writers based on the quality of the final paper. You can also delegate the task of writer selection to the company at an additional cost of $9.99.

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Unlike most essay writing services, the company limits your access to possible prices until you register or create an account. Other professional paper writing companies allow potential customers to compare prices and audit their services before committing to placing an order. Edubirdie, on the other hand, only grants this benefit to account holders. Even as an account holder, you must initiate the order placement process to view possible prices. The authority to price the paper lies with the writers, making the EduBirdie review process slightly challenging. One may lose interest in the company midway and opt for other service providers. The only advantage this pricing policy yields to the client is the ability to assess the writers and assign their orders to the most affordable and qualified ones. The writer acts as a company agent whose job is to help the client complete their assignment, giving them the authority to set the prices.

Nevertheless, a one-page nursing paper with no specific instructions attracted bids from 31 writers, all with above 4.8-star ratings and prices ranging from $30 to $36. The order had a 24-hour deadline and a gold-level writer requirement. Reducing the writer specification to all available lowered the price to between $24 and $27. On the other hand, the platinum option raised the price to between $38 and $45. Hence, EduBirdie prices are relatively higher than the market rate, probably due to the small team of writers and the strict bidding process.

Discount and referral policy

Edubirdie customers enjoy discounts by referring friends to use the site. Both the referrer and the referee enjoy discounted rates. The referee gets an automatic discount on their first order, while the referrer receives a share of the amount paid directly through their payment account. There are no limits for referrals, as the referrer can share the link with as many potential customers as possible. However, the program has several limitations and regulations to protect the company from abuse.

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Revision and refund policy

Edubirdie has a complex money-back guarantee or refund policy, where the customer must demonstrate to the reviewing team that the writer failed to follow the original instructions. The company offers an unlimited number of revision requests on all its orders, provided the customer meets all the requirements for such a request. The revision instructions must not contain significant differences from the original instructions. In other words, the customer should prove that the writer did not follow the original instructions to the letter. Any unique details included will incur an additional fee. However, the customer is entitled to a partial or full refund if they are completely dissatisfied with the final paper. The refund process also has a strict list of conditions that dissatisfied clients must adhere to before they receive compensation. These policies illustrate a high level of trust in the writers’ department, demonstrating the company’s desire to produce exclusively high-quality essays. The writers must adhere strictly to the customer’s instructions, so there is no room for customer dissatisfaction. A dissatisfied customer must then satisfy the dispute resolution team that the writer missed some details or failed to follow a piece of instructions. Hence, the client is responsible for the clarity of instructions, as they form the basis for a refund. You must ensure the writer has addressed all the order requirements to the letter, including the citations and abstract, if needed.

Edubirdie safety and security

Additionally, the company guarantees the safety and security of its clients by requesting critical details only when necessary. Edubirdie does not engage in advertising campaigns and does not share its customer information with any other entity. It uses secure payment methods such as MasterCard and American Express. It has notable security features including recognized trust badges from DMCA and Google TrustedSite. The site incorporates various security settings to detect and deter criminal access to its customers’ details and prevent unscrupulous individuals from planting bugs and viruses.

EduBirdie reviews by customers and rating sites

Most students rely on referrals and rating sites when choosing an essay writing service. The Edubirdie reviews by customers on the main site are relatively positive, yielding an overall rating of 4.7 stars. However, its rating on Trustpilot is significantly lower, at 3.2 stars. These numbers might leave you asking, is EduBirdie cheating the system with fake reviews? The difference is not necessarily an indicator of misinformation, as the reviews are relatively different. Besides, there are only three reviewers on Trustpilot.


Edubirdie reviews on other rating sites have fairly similar figures to the main site, with Sitejabber giving the company 4.6 stars and giving it a 4.7-star rating. Hence, customer reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction with Edubirdie’s services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Edubirdie legit?

Edu birdie has completed thousands of students’ essays based on verified reviews on rating sites and the main website. So, yes! EduBirdie is legit and trustworthy.

Is Edubirdie legal?

The company offers essay writing services to students for research purposes and transfers all the intellectual rights to you as the customer, allowing you to use the document without limitations.

Is EduBirdie a cheater?

Edubirdie provides genuine and reliable services through its team of experts. The order placement process gives the customer the authority to assess and select the most qualified writer to complete their assignment.


Where is EduBirdie located?

Its parent company, Radioplus Experts Ltd, is in Nicosia, Cyprus, at Louki Akrita, 23 Bellapais Court. However, the company has offices in various countries where its services are licensed, including the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Who created EduBirdie?

Edubirdie is an affiliate company of Radioplus Experts Ltd. There is no information available about the designer or actual creator of the site, details that can only be shared by the parent company.

Can you get a refund on EduBirdie?

You are entitled to a partial or full refund if you can prove that the order was not completed as per your expectations. However, the refund is given at the company’s discretion.


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