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A*Help Score: 70.4/100
🔥 published May 31, 2023 - updated April 15, 2024

What guides many learners, from various walks of life and corners of the world, through the dark and intricate maze of knowledge? The luminous light of curiosity that illuminates the road to the realm of the wisdom chest. And the key to it is education. Schools, colleges, and universities ignite the desire to learn more and broaden horizons. While teachers and professors encourage a thirst for knowledge and flexibility of mind, not all of them provide the level of support that many learners seek. 

Day and night, young parents have to put on different suits: be they students, full-time employees, or loving caregivers. Eventual burnouts and low social battery are guaranteed. For instance, STEM majors fight the anxiety within to open the door to their creative side. This battle can be enduring and usually ineffective. International learners often lack confidence in expressing themselves in a foreign language. Newcomers from across the pond look for some sort of support in new academic surroundings.

In today’s world, such help is usually found online. To be more precise – on homework help websites. Bottom line, with Academic Help the search gets speedy and productive. This time we are going to review This essay writing service provides assistance for students with essays and papers. To check if this platform is trustworthy, we put the service under the test and, while doing so, stayed true to our assessment tradition and checked the value for money, overall experience, and paper quality criteria. See How We Test Essay Writing Services for more details on our evaluation approach.

Quick Overview is a service for students who are in search of academic help. Great service, an easy-to-use platform, and additional features that help with writing can be a lifesaver for many. 

The Good
  • Generous discount for new customers
  • Plenty of free and paid services
  • Many additional services
  • Timely paper delivery
The Bad
  • Insufficient writer-writer communication
  • Average paper quality
A*Help's Choice Our verdict AHelp score 🔥 Updated April 2024
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Best quality papers 86.75/100 Visit website
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Best value for money 85.5/100 Visit website
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Best customer support 81.95/100 Visit website
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Best contact with writers 80.8/100 Visit website
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Best overall experience 77.1/100 Visit website
An infographic with a short Trust My Paper review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 70.4/100

Experience review: Mystery Shopping 

The A*Help team has one motto – to find a platform that can be beneficial to students. As a norm, concerns, and doubts may sidetrack learners. But not on our watch. We were titillated to come across a service with such a reassuring name. And this time, we put on the suit of an average student frantically searching for aid online. This was the cue to organize mystery shopping. Our experts placed two orders on for different tasks: a 2-page long personal narrative (deadline 6 hours) and a 4-page business memo to the CEO (deadline 7 days). 

The details of our testing scenario can be found below:

✍ Paper ⭐ Personal Essay (2 pages) 💼 Business Memo (4 pages)
🎓 Academic level Undergrad. (yrs. 1-2) Undergrad. (yrs. 3-4)
✅ Paper format MLA Chicago / Turabian
⏰ Deadline 6 hours 7 days
👉 Paper instructions For this assignment, you will be writing a personal narrative–a story–illustrating an event or experience exemplifying gratitude. In other words, share a colorful story about an experience or event for which–either during or after the event– you feel or felt thankful. An example might be writing about your experience as a senior in high school and the teacher who helped you to achieve your goal of graduating and attending college. Another example might be writing a story about your experience growing up in a rural community, acknowledging that it was this small, but mighty, community that made you who you are today, and for this, you are thankful. This assignment should be at least 550 words. Underline your descriptive thesis statement or the point of your story. No outside/secondary sources are needed. See Appendix C – Formatting and Submitting Your Work See Formatting your Essay: MLA 8th Edition You are the Government Relations Director at a Canadian business. You have been asked to write a memo to your CEO about COVID-related government impacts on your business, comparing two provinces in which you operate. Your assignment is to write & submit this memo Your Task:
1. Choose a specific business you work in (Air Canada, Loblaws, 3M Canada, etc).
2. Choose two provinces to compare for your memo.
3. Research both provinces – what restrictions were in place in both provinces that affect your business? What supports are in place?
4. Write a memo in three parts: (1) how COVID is impacting our business, (2) a comparison of two provinces, (3)reflections on Canadian federalism and any recommendations for the CEO on how to work with governments to lead your business through the crisis

We believe that a real experiment is incomplete without proper assessment. Professional commentary and paper evaluation come from our associate professor Sybil Low. This time Mrs.Low kindly agreed to share her thoughts on the importance of writing:

A vital matter indeed — knowing how to write and what to write. Many of my non-humanitarian students bombard me with wild ideas that wordsmithing is an ancient craft that drenched its power long ago. Plus, with the help of technological advancements, they sincerely hope that writing will be effortless. I loathe being the bearer of bad news, but writing is alive and will remain this way. Writing goes far beyond a simple scrabble on paper or fast typing on the keyboard. First, this is a form of self-expression. Secondly, this is an opportunity to keep your mind agile. And thirdly, this is a great chance to be well-versed in careers that are not compatible with humanities. A fellow professor at Harvard University, Jeffrey Willson, discusses all possible scenarios of the importance of writing in his article “Why We Write in College” and I highly recommend giving it a go. This is an eye-opening read. And I genuinely hope that my words can act as a boost for those who lost faith in getting better at writing. Look at it as an act of self-growth and self-advancement.

At the end of our mystery shopping experiment, we received two fully completed assignments from We can claim that this platform shows satisfactory results and can provide academic support to students.

Paper Quality – 31.4/50⭐️⭐️⭐️

The final leap to take is to give rein to the writer and fully rely on them during the writing process. The step requires a lot of balancing acts since the writer has to meet the customer’s demands. 

The paper quality aspect is not solely essential to the students but also is a part of our rigorous assessment checklist. We set the bar high, and to make sure that we do not miss any vital details, the A*Help team asks our associate US professor to evaluate the written pieces by TrustMyPaper. Mrs.Low grades the assignments under the American university-level criteria. The papers higher than a 60-point benchmark can be considered acceptable. The personal narrative was graded at 64.5/100 points and the memo to the CEO got 61/100 pts. Both marks show average results. For a more detailed look, we present you the evaluation details. 

A screenshot of my files at trustmypaper
My files at Trust My Paper (click to see a large image)

The personal narrative did well with formatting despite some minor mistakes. Additionally, efficiency (100%), objectivity (100%), and reasoning (93%) of the essay were perfect. The general score did that average due to the technical aspects of the paper. 

Dr.Sybil Low offered her professional comment on the essay from TrustMyPaper:

As I mentioned earlier, writing in any shape or form is an act of self-expression. This personal essay is a perfect example of what I keep highlighting. A sincere and true story about sport shows how passionate this individual is about their hobby. Yes, some parts require polishing. But it will eventually come and will get better. Being honest with your feelings on paper is what matters.

Regarding the business memo, it roughly exceeded 60 points. Again, the weakest point is the technical part of the final paper. However, efficiency, integrity, objectivity, and acuity were nearly perfect. 

Mrs. Low has a few words to say about the memo to the CEO:

Business writing is another ball game if you forgive such wording. It needs to be official, technical, and straight to the point. The main issue that caught my eye was the formatting of the document and citations. A better emphasis needs to be put on it since this is a visual component of a highly important document.

Considering all of the above, the two written pieces received average grades and did not fully meet the university paper requirements. However, other aspects were assessed highly. 

For a more detailed overview, we include a more thorough analysis of the papers’ results:

Paper 1: “Score 64.5 |Comment:| MLA writing style. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: horizontal spacing. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 97% (spelling 98%, grammar 100%, punctuation 100%, word choice 90%). {Citation formatting:} 6%. Reference formatting: Please look for higher-quality scholarly references (you are missing your entire reference list). Missing reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (missing all in-text cites). {Reasoning, logic:} 93% (efficiency 100%, acuity 87%, clarity 85%, objectivity 100%).”

Paper 2: “Score 61.0 |Comment:| Turabian writing style. Document formatting needs work. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; line spacing; reference indent; page header; section headers; font control; page breaks. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: A little short (89%)—quote rather less or write rather more. {Mechanics:} 91% (spelling 94%, grammar 100%, punctuation 71%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} 41%. Reference formatting: main problem area—titles (article, colon usage, journal); error type—element miscapitalized. Please look for higher-quality scholarly references (you have 5 common academic articles). In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites misformatted, mispunctuated, misspecified). {Reasoning, logic:} 96% (efficiency 100%, acuity 83%, clarity 100%, objectivity 100%).”

Average paper score: 62.75

Parameter Paper 1. Personal Essay (2 pages) Paper 2. Business Memo (4 pages)
Paper score 64.5/100 78.9
Paper price $59.74 $63.26
Completion time  4 hours  10 minutes 6 days 6 hours Value for Money — 21/25⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trust is an invaluable element of every service. No user wants to throw their money down the drain and not see any results. The same is expected from essay writing platforms. Many students, especially those juggling multiple roles in life, need writers who can help them create engaging, easy-to-understand stories and add a creative twist to their papers. Timely delivery is usually a crucial element, particularly for learners who often anxiously leave their assignments until the last minute. And the availability of discounts is the icing on top for those who prefer to make budget-friendly decisions. 

TrustMyPaper checks all of these boxes. The first interaction with the service starts from the main page and the order form where you can find information regarding deadlines. Do you need to get your easy done fast? No problem, since the minimum time limit on the platform is 3 hours. 

A screenshot of order placement at trustmypaper
Order placement at Trust My Paper (click to see a large image)

Then, it is time to fill in the instructions and get acquitted with offers from the service. Not only general writers but also premium and top ones were available on the site to help us in navigating complex academic challenges but for an additional fee. We decided to follow the path of a price-conscious student and went with a basic writer. Money-wise note: no negotiations with experts are possible on the platform. If a learner chooses not to splurge, they get basic customer support and the best available writer who has a great command of American English. However, if they have enough resources to shell out, expert proofreading, a paper draft and summary, an originality report, and much more are available for them. 

Since we are on a touchy subject, let’s mention the elephant in the room – the price. The personal narrative was $59.74, but the fee was slashed since we were using the TrustMyPaper service for the first time, and at the moment of our experiment, all newcomers could get a 17% discount. As for the business memo, we could not get an additional discount. The paper cost $68.20. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind that urgent orders always come with a higher price unless you can hit the jackpot and cut it with a bonus or a coupon like we were.

A screenshot of dashboard at trustmypaper
Dashboard at Trust My Paper (click to see a large image)

Our two orders were of different sizes and timeframes. The essay came earlier than the specified deadline of 6 hours. It was ready in 4 hours and 10 minutes. The memo to the CEO had a longer time limit of 7 days and we received a ready paper in 6 days and 6 hours. We were lucky to have enough time to ask for slight revisions. The personal narrative required just a few tweaks. Mainly they were concerning some personal details since we asked TrustMyPaper’s writer to help us with a personal narrative. But the situation with the business memo was very new to us. On the 5th day, our team received a letter from the company informing us that our previous writer failed to show good results and TrustMyPaper representatives decided to switch to a writer who could do the job better. Yet again the final memo to the CEO also needed small changes and we could accept it. 

Overall, TrustMyPaper showed great results in the value-for-money criteria. Sure, there were a few bumps on the road with the lack of free services and non-negotiable final prices. But it did not prevent the service from getting 21 points out of 25 from A*Help. 

Deadline & Terms
Free services
Additional services
Average paper price
Discounts Overall experience – 18/25⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trust is built on many blocks. One of which is the overall experience with the service. The recent uptick for everything digital requires it to be easy to use, accessible, and helpful. These factors were our compass during the experiment. 

TrustMyPaper’s website looks fresh and welcoming. All needed information regarding the platform and the writers is there so you do not have to do long searches about the experts online. Plus, a great bonus is a calculator on the main page that you can use to estimate how much your paper will cost you. The registration process requires users to add their email address, name, and phone number. Frankly, it wasn’t the swiftest process as we’d expected. 

On the flip side, our team appreciated having a round-the-clock support team. They could be reached on the site, and a WhatsApp messenger, as well as via the phone. The A*Help experts value the fact that homework help services go the extra mile to be supportive. Whenever we had order-related questions, or inquired about the availability of discounts, TrustMyPaper support did not leave us on mute. Rewinding to that story with the writer’s change. We immediately got a notification regarding what happened and through the support chat our experts received more information on the matter. Our team was slightly surprised since we had never experienced such a turn of events. Eventually, the final paper was submitted before the deadline. Back to normal practice – when many students tend to ask for discounts through support. This option was not available at the moment of our mystery shopping. 

A screenshot of order tracking and the chat with writers at trustmypaper
Order tracking and the chat with writers at Trust My Paper (click to see a large image)
A screenshot of communication with support and writer replacement at trustmypaper
Communication with support and writer replacement at Trust My Paper (click to see a large image)

Overall, the customer-support communication was remarkably productive. On the other hand, the A*Help team cannot say the same regarding having a meaningful dialogue with writers. There is a feeling that all concerns are always addressed through the support team. Honestly, this is not a great practice since it leaves students feeling that the writer is not working on the assignment or simply is befuddled with some issues but is afraid to clarify them. And even the order tracking doesn’t do it any justice. 

And again we are back to square one – money talk. Payment options are a vital component of the overall experience. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Wire Transfer cards ensure secure transactions on Though, digital wallets such as PayPal, Google, and Apple Pay would be great additional options. 

TrustMyPaper has an extremely helpful team who goes above and beyond to fix all kinds of issues fast and efficiently. However, the A*Help team awards the platform 18/25 points since there is room for improvement in the writer-customer communication and smoother registration process. 

Security & Privacy
Payment Methods

The Key Point of TrustMyPaper’s Review

There is nothing bad in searching for ways of help and support. Honestly, it is even better than doing nothing. TrustMyPaper is a trustworthy platform where you will be provided with aid and support on your university assignments. Even though the paper quality could use some work, TrustMyPaper’s team tried to do its best to meet the needs of a student. 

Negativity rank – 40%

Choosing the service that will help in academic endeavors and provide support is a complicated task. There are two ways to go about it, either to follow intuition or to use an analytical approach. The Academic Help team opts for the latter every single time. Our evaluation scenario is not centered only on the real experiment. We do a lot of paperwork behind the screen. This includes searching for feedback from real users on the Internet. 

This is a detailed process since we do not simply read through other users’ opinions we investigate them and take notes for our mystery shopping experiment. Our goal is to find impartial and honest comments regarding the weak sides of the platform and put them to the test. This is what the Negativity rank is. This is a reminder to our readers to always verify the services and platforms before using them. 

TrustMyPaper’s weakest spot is the formatting of two papers. As you could see in the assessment aspect, both of our orders failed to meet the requirements. Additionally, a few users left complaints that some writers on the platform did not always follow instructions thoroughly. This results in sending works for revisions. However, the former issue is the most acute provided that the negativity rank comprises 40%. This problem has been on TrustMyPaper for quite a long time, and the A*Help team hopes that it will be fixed soon. 

In general, this essay writing website is a good service to aid and support learners on their education path. The final word is always yours.

FAQ Reviews

Academic Help has a meticulous approach to everything. We are on the side of students and whenever they need help, our team wants to be a provider of quality advice. From the early stages, our approach involves touching the ground. Meaning, we check online reviews regarding services on the following platforms, such as Reddit, Sitejabber,, and others. Then, we compile the Negativity Rank to make sure that we spot all the honest issues during our mystery shopping and stay impartial. 

Is TrustMyPaper a Scam?

Having conducted a real mystery shopping on and received two fully completed papers we can say that this platform is not a scam. The essay and the business memo were delivered before the deadline. And we did not happen to notice any fraudulent activity. 

Is TrustMyPaper Legit?

Academic Help works with legitimate essay writing websites. has a fair share of trusted audiences online. Our experts did not spot any fishy activity while working with this website. The A*Help team can claim that is a legit service for academic help. 

Is Safe?

This essay-writing website is intuitive and simple to use. The sign-in process is easy though requires a phone number and no third-party accounts are allowed. As for the payment method, it is safe and secure. 

Is Trustworthy? is a trustworthy site that has more than 2000 writers who can provide assistance on over 85 different subjects. Helpful support, deadline-oriented writers, and decent paper quality show that this is a trusted website. 

Is TrustMyPaper a Good Service?

Having tried the service ourselves and evaluated it based on our criteria, the A*Help team graded at 70.4/100 points. The score proves that this site offers reliable and quality service.

TrustMyPaper Specs

Minimum deadline 3 hours
Maximum deadline 14 days
Min price per page $12.99
Standard Page 275 words
AVERAGE paper price (acc. to our mystery shopping) $70.09
> Free services  
– Revisions  
– Writer’s pick  
– Plagiarism check  
– Language style  
– Writer level  
> Additional services  
– Originality report $29.99
– Draft +20%
– Urgent writer assign $9.99
– Proofread by an
$$9.98 ($4.99 per page)
– 1-page summary $35.99
> Payment Methods  
Google pay
Apple pay
American Express
Wire Transfer
> Discounts  
(website offers)
Loyalty Program
Referral Program
> Security & Privacy  
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Security payment SSL

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