Conch AI Paraphraser Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 49/100
🔥 published October 27, 2023 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

Conch, considered by some as the best article rewriter to avoid plagiarism, is an AI tool that offers a variety of services such as AI plagiarism detection, in-text citations, autocompletion, and text rewriting. We asked it to paraphrase three texts, just like other rewriters we evaluated, but it changed absolutely nothing in one of the texts, no matter how hard we tried.

The Good
  • Low plagiarism
  • Has a browser extension
The Bad
  • Laggy and hard-to-use
  • Limited mods and language
  • Didn’t paraphrase one text at all
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An infographic with a short Conch AI review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 49/100
Conch AI Paraphraser Review

Conch AI & Paraphrasing Help — 30/55 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Conch AI’s paraphrasing performance is mixed, with its capability to maintain word count and style in personal texts but struggling significantly with academic and technical texts. The academic texts showed a reduction in word count and a drop in readability, while the tool failed to modify technical texts entirely. This inconsistency underscores a critical limitation in its application to varied content types, rendering it less suitable for users with diverse or specific paraphrasing needs. The inclusion of features for highlighting changes and making manual edits provides a semblance of control over the output, yet the overall effectiveness remains questionable.

Overall Paraphrasing Process
Text 1 (Personal)
Text 2 (Academic)
Text 3 (Scientific) Detection Results First Text
Conch AI Detection Results First Text (click here to see a large image)

Conch AI Value for Money — 9/25 ⭐️⭐️

Given its basic functionality and the requirement for tokens to access rewriting services, Conch AI’s value for money is questionable. The tool’s limited modes and lack of comprehensive language support or advanced features do not align well with the expectations of users looking for depth in paraphrasing capabilities. While it might serve users with minimal, straightforward paraphrasing needs, the cost associated with token purchases and the overall limited utility may deter those seeking more substantial text rewriting solutions.

GetConch AI Pricing Plans
Conch AI Pricing Plans (click here to see a large image)
Pricing Plans

Conch AI Overall Experience — 10/20 ⭐️⭐️

The website experience for Conch AI users is somewhat lacking, with an aesthetic interface that doesn’t fully compensate for usability challenges. The absence of ads is a positive, yet the tool’s ease of use is undermined by its limited features and the token-based system for accessing its services. Device accessibility is slightly improved by the availability of a browser extension, yet the lack of broader support options and device integration leaves much to be desired. Support is minimally provided through email, and while third-party registration methods are supported, they do not significantly enhance the user experience. Rewriting Process
Conch AI Rewriting Process (click here to see a large image)
Website Experience
Device accessibility
Text Submission


Conch AI is a basic, token-based paraphrasing tool that offers limited functionality primarily suited for simple text rewrites in English. Its inclusion of a grammar check and the ability to highlight changes provide some utility, but the tool’s effectiveness is severely limited by its inability to handle a variety of text types and its lack of essential paraphrasing features. While the browser extension adds a degree of convenience, the overall value proposition and user experience may not justify the investment for users in need of comprehensive paraphrasing solutions. Conch AI might find a niche among users with very specific, minimal needs, but it falls short of meeting the broader expectations associated with advanced paraphrasing tools.


Conch AI Reviews

When assessing Conch AI, we employ a diligent process that combines our experiences with insights from well-regarded review platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Is Conch AI a Scam?

Our comprehensive evaluation did not uncover any security concerns associated with Conch AI. Their transparent operations and consistent delivery of results affirm that Conch AI is not a scam. However, the effectiveness of its AI tools may vary by task

Is Conch AI Legit?

Our experience with Conch AI, supported by user feedback, confirms its legitimacy. Conch AI is a legitimate platform, offering mostly genuine and functional AI solutions.

Is Conch AI Safe?

Prioritizing user safety, Conch AI refrains from requesting sensitive personal information, assuring a secure experience. Our assessment revealed no security issues, verifying Conch AI’s safety.

Is Conch AI Trustworthy?

Conch AI consistently delivers on its promises, although the performance of its AI tools may vary slightly based on the specific task. Overall, it’s a trustworthy platform for a variety of AI-based applications.

Is Conch AI a Good Service?

After a comprehensive analysis, considering factors like value, user experience, and AI tool performance, Conch AI receives a rating of 50/100 on our A*Help scale. It may be a good tool, but it severely lacks in quality as a paraphraser.

Conch AI Specs

> Styles/Modes 
Other modes
> Features 
Grammar check
Proposing synonyms
> Languages 
> Usage 
Word limitN/a
Trying before registration
> Pricing Plans 
Time subscriptions
Mode subscriptions
> Website Experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy to use
Number of adsNo ads
> Device accessibility 
Browser extension
> Text Submission 
Add text
Add files/links
Download text/files
> Support 
Support chat
Support email
> Registration&Privacy 
Uses third-party registration methods (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft account)
> Overall Paraphrasing Process 
Highligting changes
Changes by hand
> Text 1 (Personal) 
Word countSame
AI detection41.25%
> Text 2 (Academic) 
Word countLower
AI detection0%
> Text 3 (Scientific) 
Word countDidn’t change the text
AI detection

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