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Studying is an art. Many students do not know how to do it properly though. It seems as if they are always behind schedule when it comes to handing in homework, or preparing for a test. If they knew how to increase the effectiveness of their studying habits, they would feel less stressed and more on top of their deadlines. In order to educate students on how to study well, the following paragraphs will discuss five poor study habits that lead students into trouble, and how to tackle these defects.

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Procrastination is perhaps the most dangerous habit students develop. They put off their assignments until it is almost impossible to do well on them. According to the University of the People, “There are many anti-procrastination strategies you can adopt, from better time management to being more organized, following to-do-lists, to asking someone to check up on your progress” (“5 Bad Study Habits To Drop And 4 Good Ones To Keep”). However, to not procrastinate is more of a personal choice. Inner motivation is more important than outer motivation.

Following motivation, each person studies better in certain places. Libraries, cafes, studying rooms in schools, and more, are often referred to as conductive places to dive into your assignments. The University of the People states that, “Rule of thumb: If you fall asleep when you read in a place (say, the couch or your bed), this isn’t the best studying place for you. The same goes for a place with a lot of distractions, like the beach” (“5 Bad Study Habits To Drop And 4 Good Ones To Keep”). The best thing to do is to practice studying in various locales and see what works best for your brain. You will never know for sure where you study best until you try out many different locations.

Along the same lines with atmosphere, you should you know how to get rid of distractions when studying. There is nothing worse than something breaking your flow when you working on your assignments. According to Oxford Learning, “Study distractions can either be internal or external. Internal study distractions include physiological needs and emotional thoughts. External study distractions include technology and people” (“Homework & Study Distraction Tips From The Experts”). This means students need to have peace inside and out. When you study, you need to get into a certain mindframe and space that is conducive to studying.

As a backing for your studying, you should take neat notes. A lot of students mess around when taking down notes. But, the key is taking accurate, readable, and comprehensive notes in order to make your studying and completing assignments easier (Garcia, Lori). With great notes, you can recall information from class in a cinch and memorize data your brain needs to use for tests. Also, taking good notes during class keeps you focused on the learning process rather than on your friend’s jokes, for instance. Having a good attention during class can change your grade.

You may have fantastic notes, by maybe you are studying with the wrong people. You could be hanging out with friends that distract you, or who are not as serious as you are in studies. You should pick co-studiers who are about at the same grade level or higher in class. There is no need to be rude and say to someone, “your grade is a C, so I can’t study with you,” but do your best to choose wisely. It might even be wise to choose to study with someone you do not know personally, but is from your same class, or studies the same subject.

Getting studying done is notoriously difficult for students. But if they remember to not procrastinate, find the best place to study, throw out distractions, take clear and comprehensive notes, and do their work with appropriate people, they can achieve the grades they desire.

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