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What Does Being Creative Mean to You?

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For as long as I can remember, I have been creative. It started from making little clay objects with weird shapes at my grandmother’s ranch where I went for the summer, and I ended up making ornate jewelry for my friends in high school. Being creative for me is living–as long as I am able to think, observe, and perceive, I am creative, since my imagination never stops coming up with new ideas. Being creative to me is looking beneath the surface of the ordinary, seeing more than just the regular purpose of an object. For example, we can use old pottery, or a broken vase, and create a piece of art from it that is unique instead of throwing it away. Being creative is often about providing a second life: paint a glass wine bottle as a gorgeous vase, or shape the pieces from a broken glass cup into pretty earrings, or decorate your bedside lamp with new tinted shades from your old curtain that you were about to toss out.

Creativity in my life is about being sustainable in my dĂ©cor ideas, but it is also about being practical. Art for the sake of art is a concept I will never understand. Art is to bring aesthetic pleasure, indulge our eyes, or inspire other people. Art is about beauty, but not just the ordinary kind. Art is about extraordinary “ordinary” objects that bring smiles to people’s faces and make their day a better one. For me, every little dĂ©cor idea, every piece of jewelry, and every craft I make is inspired by those around me. I never make anything for myself–I have to thank people for the inspiration they give me every day, and I make this inspiration into presents that they will enjoy. Being creative is not only about being artistic and productive–it is about giving, and giving thanks for inspiration and for the gift you have, and brightening the lives of your loved ones.

It has never been a question for me whether or not to create. But, it only recently became my goal to make designing into more than a hobby for life–to make it my profession. It is essential and sacred for me–to learn new techniques and approaches, yet to keep my own individual style and to be honest with myself. Choosing a place where I will study and the people who will be teaching me is a crucial part of becoming a designer, yet remaining true to myself. Out of all the places where I could study interior design and décor, the Savannah College of Art and Design is absolutely the best option. Having visited your campus and seen the way courses are organized there, I loved the place instantly and wholeheartedly. Getting accepted into your School of Design is now my aim, my wish, and my dream. I wish to make my small décor and jewelry business more substantial and beneficial for others.


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