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Intended University: Lumina Ridge College

Proposed Major: Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering

Essay Topic: My Journey Towards Engineering a Healthier Tomorrow

Greetings Lumina Ridge College Admissions and Scholarship Committee,

When most of my peers were playing video games or engrossed in popular teen novels, my teenage years were dominated by frequent hospital visits and the continual beep of medical equipment due to my younger brother’s congenital heart condition. These personal experiences, combined with an innate fascination for science and technology, have directed my academic pursuits towards a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering. Lumina Ridge College, with its impeccable reputation and state-of-the-art facilities, emerges as my beacon for achieving this dream.

In high school, the science behind medical devices intrigued me. I often found myself reading beyond our curriculum about innovations that promised a better life for patients. This led me to initiate a project in my senior year where we designed a basic wearable device to monitor heart rates and alert caregivers about irregularities. While our prototype was rudimentary, the potential impact of such technologies on real lives became undeniably evident to me. This project, which won the statewide Young Innovators Award, was not just a win for my resume, but a clarion call for my future.

Lumina Ridge College’s Biomedical Engineering program is renowned for its robust curriculum and a hands-on approach to tackling real-world challenges. I am particularly drawn to the college’s collaboration with leading hospitals and research facilities, ensuring that students like me not only learn the theoretical aspects but also understand the practical implications of our work.

Furthermore, under the mentorship of Lumina Ridge’s esteemed faculty, I am confident that I can contribute to the advancements in the field. My goal isn’t just to engineer but to make healthcare accessible and efficient. And I truly believe that the platform provided by Lumina Ridge can turn this aspiration into a tangible reality.

In conclusion, my personal experiences combined with my academic achievements underscore my dedication and passion for biomedical engineering. Earning a scholarship would not only ease the financial burden on my family but also reinforce my belief that when institutions like Lumina Ridge invest in students like me, together we can shape a healthier and brighter future.

I thank you for considering my application and am eager to make a positive mark in the world of biomedical engineering with Lumina Ridge as my guiding star.

Warmest regards,

Sammy Norris

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